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Emergency Preparedness includes disaster planning, disaster recovery, and the ability to adapt to adverse conditions. We work with our clients to make sure that they have a plan for how to recover in the event of natural disasters, like fires, earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes. As of 2020, we have focused on helping clients adapt to changing business environments brought on by the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, and helping our clients adapt and overcome.

Emergency Preparedness focuses on various areas including accounting and record keeping, IT infrastructure, communication system, proper types and levels of insurance, and business procedure development.

Your financial emergency preparedness can include your documentation storage, safe locations of important documents, and having a digital retrieval program for your systems. Having a flush savings account to weather the financial impact of these events can be critical to your family’s financial and emotional help.

Those with solid emergency preparedness plans were able to thrive during the challenging 2020 year, often qualifying for more aid because they were better organized, and receiving more assistance because they were not in a financial panic during the year.

In addition to her professional life as a CPA, Bette is a leader with the Boy Scouts of America, leading Girl Troop 18, one of the oldest Girl Troops in South Florida Council of the BSA, being one of only two troops to register on the first day permitted. The Scout Motto is “Be Prepared,” a practice she carries into her financial practice, helping her clients Be Prepared – khaki uniforms not required.

10 Florida Tax Holidays Video

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On May 6th, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 7071, which provides more than $1.2 billion of tax relief for Floridians. This bill is a massive tax relief bill that includes ten tax holidays. We're going to run through them quickly.

Freedom Week – New Tax-Free Holiday

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We’ve seen Florida's tax-free weekend for back-to-school and the disaster-preparedness sales tax holiday, but now Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed a bill that begins a new tax-free holiday called “freedom week.”

Special Needs Planning

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Special needs planning is relatively new but Craig Eppy's family firm, The Eppy Group, has been practicing special needs planning for over 30 years. Join us for this Finance Friday where Craig shares his well of knowledge with us. 

Is Florida Covid-Free?

By |2021-06-04T21:27:20-04:00June 4th, 2021|Categories: Other Perspectives|Tags: , , , , |

Is Florida "Covid-Free?" No, but people are sure acting like it. Florida is opening back up, and according to usafacts.org, 39% of Florida's population is COVID-19 vaccinated. I have noticed that most businesses in Florida don't require masks (as long as you're fully vaccinated). I figured that I'd take a look at what Twitter is saying about Florida's Covid-free future.

Florida Tax Holiday 2021

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Florida's Tax Holiday is a sales tax holiday, which isn't really new in Florida. We've been doing this for several years, but it is a little different this year. Anyone familiar with Florida knows that the rainy season is hurricane season. Actually, it's starting May 28th; we've got the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday right now. So what does that mean?

Caring For Aging Family Members

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Caring for aging family members and those with special needs is not something people are versed in discussing. However, Denise Lettau, Esq., is an expert in the field of caring for these family members and will help you draft the documents needed for executing the wishes of the family member.

SBA Information Round-Up

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Hey, everybody. Happy Friday. I'm Bette Hochberger, CPA, CGMA, and we have a special finance Friday for you today. We're going to change things up a little bit, and we're going to do an SBA Roundup because there's been a lot going on with the SBA, in case you haven't been paying attention.

Disasters and Your Tax Documents

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You need to keep tax records for several years, but paper copies are risky. Storms, floods, or simply moving can result in losing or misplacing these documents. Electronic records, kept online, can save you from disasters, while keeping your documents available. ld tax returns and related documents and insurance policies can be scanned and saved in the cloud to electronic storage such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive. Many modern CPA firms like mine are paperless- ask your CPA to send you PDF versions of prior year tax returns. PDFs can be password protected to help keep your information secure.

Copies of Tax Returns and Other Tax Information from the IRS

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Can’t find your copy of an old tax return? Not sure that you received all your 1099s or other tax forms this year? You can get the information from the IRS by requesting transcripts or copies of tax returns.

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