As a boutique South Florida CPA firm, we specialize in the fields that drive South Florida. High-income business owners, professionals, real estate investors, consultants, and foreign investors are driving the great Miami area to new financial heights. Are you getting everything that you deserve from your South Florida CPA firm?

Foreign Investments and Foreign Ownership

Miami is one of the most international cities in the United States. Many South Florida CPA firms fail to understand the needs of our wealthy immigrant communities that have investments in their home countries or elsewhere in the world. The modern world of global capital in the 21st Century makes the ability to raise money from foreign investors critical, but not all CPAs know the rules and regulations governing foreign ownership. We handle clients with investments in South America, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, European Union, Asia, and the Middle East. Where ever you deploy your capital in the world, or from whomever you raise your capital, Bette will make sure you comply with the relevant United States and State filings.

Law Firms and Attorneys

Small law firms with 1-4 partners have unique needs stemming from the various structures of their firms. Some firms operate as a traditional businesses, others are partnerships of individual companies, and others have blended structures. These unique offerings, combined with a mixture of self-employed owners and employees, often require sensitivity to these companies’ unique challenges. Our South Florida CPA firm is ready to help your law firm excel financially.

Web3: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and DAOs

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and NFTs have been some of the hottest financial instruments in recent years. The underlying blockchain technology has also enabled new business concepts like DAOs. As a technology-oriented firm that participates in the Miami Tech scene, we work with various cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and Bitcoin investors on their compliance and business needs.


Consultants and other experts face huge challenges in their business, as the lines before their owner-operator and the business itself is often blurry. We can help you set up your business infrastructure, protect your corporate veil, and navigate the complexities of different company structures and their tax implications. While most consultants are highly intelligent and experts in their field, they sometimes run into challenges from the often counterintuitive world of tax law. We are here to help you manage your business, grown your client base, and maximize your earnings and family wealth building. As fellow professional advisors, we are the south Florida CPA firm for successful consultants.

Real Estate Investment and Construction

South Florida’s Real Estate Investment community is accustomed to our boom and bust cycle. From apartment rentals, to luxury condo redevelopments, we have the expertise needed to manage your accounting and tax needs. We work with investment vehicles, general contractors, and a variety of areas around the world of real estate investment. From the unique depreciation needs to the capital gains rules, we are here to help you and your real estate business maximize your business opportunities while minimizing your tax obligations. Just like you choose the right professionals for your investments, you need the right south Florida CPA firm for your finances.

VC-backed and other Funded Startups

Bette’s first startup engagement was the year after she graduated MIT, serving as a part time bookkeeper at an MIT Startup. Her south Florida CPA firm now works with a variety of funded startups on both coasts. With a strong presence among Boston-area startups through the MIT network, Bette brings that expertise to South Florida’s rapidly maturing world of venture capital, private equity, and family offices. Providing timely documentation to the investors is often critical to maintaining their trust and support, and our experience walking the operators through the world of finance and accounting can help you avoid pitfalls. We can help you get your reports ready on a timely basis, comply with the tax rules governing your stock option plan, and maximizing your chance of success in running your business.

Medical Practices

With a large retiree population, south Florida is home to a vast number of Medical practices. As a science student, Bette studied engineering at MIT; she understands the unique challenges presenting the highly educated members of the medical profession as they seek good quality financial advice. This South Florida CPA firm specializes in high-income owner-operated businesses, where the owners’ finances are intrinsically tied to the business’s health. Medical professionals also suffer from shorter careers because of their long education cycles. Whether it is setting up spousal payroll, retirement accounts, or asset protection systems, Bette Hochberger has the tools you need.

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