Is Florida “Covid-Free?” No, but people are sure acting like it. Florida is opening back up, and according to, 39% of Florida’s population is COVID-19 vaccinated. I have noticed that most businesses in Florida don’t require masks (as long as you’re fully vaccinated). I figured that I’d take a look at what Twitter is saying about Florida’s Covid-free future. I was hoping you could take a look with me at this Social Media Round-Up.

People are excited because their favorite places in Florida are opening back up. After fourteen months of a pandemic, getting into this “new normal” of moving towards a better future is excellent.

Many are thanking Governor Ron DeSantis for helping open back up Florida (and even Texas).

I love to see the “feel-good” tweets, so I figured I would share them with you all. Congratulations to Jay, I can’t say I’ve lost my COVID weight or kicked my coffee addiction, but I love to live vicariously through you all.

Apparently, the economy is also recovering from Covid. After being locked in our houses for fourteen months, I can see why. Personally, I’ve saved the most money I’ve ever saved while in lockdown, and as they say… more money, more spending. That’s the saying… right?

White House Chief of Staff, Ronald Klain, tweets some hope for the future while asking others to get vaccinated. It’s so great to know that we are healing from Covid; I hope it continues.


Of course, many people warn us through tweets that while things are getting better, it’s best to stay masked up and six feet apart. What do you think? Should we keep pushing the limits or stay within the lines? Let me know on social and as always, stay safe. Feel free to check out last week’s social media round-up.