The most common reason people first engage a CPA is Tax Services, before learning of the wealth of service offerings we have that can help you grow your wealth. All taxpayers have to file regular tax returns, and filing them accurately and timely is the best method to avoid penalties, fines, and interest.

In addition to our popular accounting packages, we offer traditional hourly billing, and we try to provide high value tax accounting prices.

Tax Returns and Preparation

Best known is the annual 1040 Return you send the IRS as your tax return by April 15, but business returns usually fall into the 1065 (Partnership), 1120 (Corporation), or 1120S (S-Corporation) returns, though some unusual businesses file different returns. This is the most basic sort of compliance needed, because eventually, the IRS will stick liens on your property or even arrest you for non-compliance. Whether as part of an monthly Accounting as a Service outsource accounting package, or a simple Tax Client, we handle tax returns for over 100 entities every Spring.

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Payroll Services

Any business with employees, or owner operated S-Corporations, must run payroll to be in compliance. If you fail to file your payroll reports on a regular basis, the penalties and interest can be quite extreme. It is included in all our packages, starting with our Starter Package, but we can also setup your Payroll on a one time engagement.

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Back Tax Returns

Usually triggered by an IRS inquiry, we often have clients that need to file 2-4 years of back tax returns all at once. As penalties and interest pile up, and the records get older, we need to move quickly to get you into compliance. Depending on how far down the road of tax problems you are, you may need more complicated compliance changes, or simply filing your back tax returns can be sufficient. Sometimes you have a tax attorney managing your IRS representation and you need tax returns done quickly, so this is available as a one time service. Often you have recently been notified by the IRS, and this is part of a larger IRS Representation Situation.

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