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Bette Hochberger, CPA, Looking Up
Every song gets its spark from inspiration.

Every engineering feat has its flash of brilliance in its original design and use of materials.

Every growing business enhances its financial integrity when they know their numbers, how to measure them, and can appropriately respond to the changing economic landscape.

And what do all of these diverse enterprises have in common?

Bette Hochberger, CPA, whose clients call her their ‘MIT Accountant,’ the one they know and trust to help them succeed in their various endeavors.

Bette earned her BS degree in Materials Engineering and Music from MIT and her Masters in Accounting from Nova Southeastern University. Her intellect, love of numbers and how processes work, as well as putting together strategic connections and resources to help propel and maintain the necessary momentum to accomplish and succeed makes her an valuable asset to any business venture.

Mrs. Hochberger is an internet and technology specialist who understands the sustainability requirements necessary to support various engineering processes and how to effectively handle them. Being agile and flexible defines many start-ups and she understands their mindset, operational needs as well as the effect those aspects have on the respective accounting practices, the required funding resources, and eligibility for R&D tax credits.

Women take the LeadBette takes a holistic approach — from the micro management of proper transaction classifications to the macro overview of an entire business operation — so she can see how everything fits together to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive objectives.

Bette also helps clients identify the different things they want to do or not do, especially when it comes to paying taxes. From bookkeeping and maintaining up-to-date business records to setting up proven digital accounting systems that cut down on paperwork, she wants you to understand what is needed, so you can make better financial and operational decisions.

“I am not your typical vendor, because I see myself as the partner you want, who can monitor your business financials and give you concise guidance in order to make the necessary course corrections throughout the year to help you grow your business,” says Bette. “By me being knowledgeable, accountable, and responsive to your needs, you can use your valuable time to focus on what you are passionate about and want to achieve in a timely manner.”

“I enjoy what I do and that flows into each of my business relationships. My clientele range from Mom entrepreneurs to businesses grossing $1 million or more. I have a vast number of networking resources and love putting like-minded business people together, so they can expand their influence in the global marketplace,” continues Bette. “I can patiently explain how things work and I appreciate my clients who want to learn and understand the positive effects that proper accounting practices have on their daily operations.”

Bette also knows where to look for unexpected opportunities to save money, reduce taxes, and improve business financials. To make an appointment to discuss your accounting needs or have her review your past returns, please contact Bette today.


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Location: Hollywood, FL 33021

Phone: 954-639-4060
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email: bette@bettehochberger.com

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