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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions2024-05-09T11:59:42-04:00

Are you taking on new Tax Clients?2020-11-26T16:05:39-05:00

We are always excited to talk to business owners about their accounting needs. If we are a good fit for your organization, we will work to rapidly on-board you. Depending on the complexity of your return, we will work together to determine if we need to file an extension or file on the original deadline.

Do I work with Bette or someone else?2020-11-26T16:02:45-05:00

As a boutique firm, I try to work with all of my clients directly. We’ll work together to talk throughout the year and identify your needs. Around tax deadlines I may not be available for unscheduled phone calls, but I’m always reachable via email.

I got a letter from the IRS, can you help me?2021-10-07T21:59:13-04:00

Almost definitely, we handle most areas of IRS Resolution Matters that normal people and business owners encounter. Schedule a meeting with me, mention the letter. If you have a scanner, that’s the best resolution, but for everyone else, your phone works fine. Ask Google for the latest method of using Document Scan mode for your iPhone or Android, then email me the file, so we can discuss it on your call.

Why doesn’t your website look like every other accountant?2020-11-26T16:06:29-05:00

Because I’m not like other accountants, and my firm isn’t like other accounting firms! I want to make sure that I work with clients that I am in sync with, to have a fantastic relationship that lasts for years.

I heard that Bette is an Actress, is that true?2020-11-26T16:07:12-05:00

Technically. As a hobby, I am a stage combat actor-combatant with the non-profit Royal Chessmen Acting Troupe. During our Fall 2020 Speakeasy Projects, I played starring roles. But it’s just a hobby, my day to day life is as an accountant.

What is involved in moving to Florida?2021-03-01T19:41:19-05:00

Moving to Florida? Purchase or rent a place to live. The tricky part is making sure that your former state can’t tax you or your business. We help our new clients move their entire financial lives, preventing their old states from taxing them.

Visit www.irs.gov/refunds to see when the IRS received your tax return. It may take 24-48 hours after filing to get an accurate update.

Use this tool: https://www.irs.gov/refunds

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  • Bette Hochberger, CPA, CGMA
    Phone:   1 (954) 639-4060
    Email:     bete@bettehochberger.com

    Bette is the founder of the firm that bears her name. After graduating from MIT, Bette launched her career in private accounting with technology startups and nonprofits in Boston and Miami, before transitioning to Public Accounting at large regional firms. She founded her firm so she could focus on the needs of small business owners instead of chasing billable hours with large corporations.
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    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    • Nova Southeastern University
    Affiliations and Certifications:
    • Florida Institute of CPAs
    • American Institutes of Certified Public Accountants
    Services Provided:
    • Fractional and Contract CFO
    • Profit First
    • Tax Planning and Strategy
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  • Jordan Guthrie
    Social Media Coordinator and Onboarding Concierge
    Phone:   1 (954) 639-4060
    Email:     jordan@bettehochberger.com

    Originally from Indianapolis, Jordan is midwestern nice, and Fort Lauderdale Chic all at the same time. Jordan moved from health care worker to social media a few years ago, and has rarely looked back. Her work in social media has taken behind the scenes and backstage as some of South Florida’s most exciting events like Riptide Music Festival, Chili Cookoff, Elvis Duran’s Pool Party, and invite only Super Bowl LIV events. A vegan, Jordan loves cats and the BurgerFi’s Vegan Beyond Burger.

    Jordan prides herself on helping every client feel special as she helps them onboard their business into Bette Hochberger's Cloud based system.
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    Services Provided:
    • Onboarding
    • Personalized Customer Service
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  • Cindy Meliwsky
    Tax Manager
    Phone:   1 (954) 639-4060
    Email:     cindy@bettehochberger.com

    Cindy figured out she loved accounting as an undergraduate, and has spent her entire career in the world of tax accounting. Over 15 years in 3 major metropolitan areas at a variety of in-house and public accounting roles, she has found that her ability to utilize managerial, analytical, and organizational abilities lets her excel in boutique accounting firms. She has an undergraduate degree in accounting from Seton Hall.

    Her true passion is fishing, and she competes in fishing tournaments nearly every weekend outside of tax season. One of the top award winning Lady Anglers in South Florida, she mostly focuses on chasing sport fishlike Kingfish, Sharks, Marlin, other sports fish with Team Reel Dreams. When not competitively chasing sportsfish, she makes time to catch her dinner from time to time.

    She loves to cook, improving her culinary skills with a variety of aquatic foods from South Florida.
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    • Seton Hall
    Services Provided:
    • Tax Manager
    • Accounting Manager
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  • Products and Services
  • With transparent fractional CFO pricing, we hope to make it clear why you are better off with a few hours each week from a senior and knowledgeable CPA than you are relying upon your receptionist or a junior bookkeeper for your accounting needs. Most business owners know that they need a CFO, but don’t want to invest in senior talent for a non-revenue generating position. Using fractional CFO services, small businesses like yours can get financial leadership at an affordable price by only using the contract CFO services that they need. People wrongly assume that real advice is unaffordable to their business, which is why we are publishing our contract CFO pricing — so we can be 100% open and honest.

    Fractional / Contract CFO
  • Profit First, the innovative program from Mike Michalowicz, helps small businesses simplify their financial planning and manage cash flow to improve profitability. By reorienting the business around profit generation instead of cost coverage, small businesses improve their finances, help their owners make more money, and achieve lasting success. Our Profit First CPA Firm offers a unique pricing package, with a transparent, consistent, and affordable way to achieve your goals.

    Profit First System
  • What brings you to Florida? The amazing weather? The booming economy? The low tax rates? The lack of income taxes? If you are new to Florida – welcome to living in paradise. This is truly an amazing state to live in, build a business in, and raise a family in. There are definitely challenges, but year round beautiful weather and a great business climate is hard to beat! But for the tax benefits, you need to document that you have become a Florida resident. As a Boutique Florida CPA Firm in the South Florida (Greater Miami) area, I help our new neighbors establish their new tax domicile in Florida, quickly and painlessly.

    Moving Tax Domicile to Florida

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