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Investors and Businesses in the Blockchain, including Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Cryptocurrency and NFTs are a new asset classes. The Web3 Technologies, including the Blockchain, are fascinating new infrastructure options that is changing the way web development takes place. Investors in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies have had to learn a variety of new compliance issues very quickly. We have worked with this new financial instruments from the beginning, with our first blog post as a Bitcoin CPA was in 2014. Understanding the compliance issues is straightforward and does not require a dedicated cryptocurrency accountant, however most CPAs are not familiar with generating documents for financial instruments without the regulated brokerage statements. As a Bitcoin Accountant, Bette was creating proprietary systems to manage her clients Schedule D filings before anyone thought to seek out a dedicated cryptocurrency CPA. We are now positioned to help our clients navigate this exciting new world of investment and wealth building.

Compliance for all Cryptocurrencies

We Can Help Regardless of your Trading Strategy

The larger marketplaces have tools and APIs that make it quicker to integrate, but we can manage your needs whether you are in mainstream wallets or keeping your coins in cold storage. We will develop the tracking and reporting strategies with you that are necessary for you to comply with all state and Federal reporting. Obviously, your compliance bill is lower if you are on a mainstream platform, but there is no reason to pass up on making millions of dollars to save a few thousand dollars at tax time, if your strategy requires custom tracking and reporting, our cryptocurrency CPA firm will setup the systems for you. Our trained cryptocurrency accountants will manage your records properly on all systems.

NFTs and Other Instruments

New and Novel Securities

NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are another unique new asset class from Web3. NFTs are most popularly known for the JPEG images that captured the media’s attention, but the underlying technology is a new and powerful method for transferring digital rights. NFTs are well embraced by the art community that has struggled with issues of ownership and scarcity in an era of perfect digital replication. But real world asset backed NFTs, real estate tokenization via NFT, and other new blockchain security assets are challenging the existing market. Those trading NFTs have may have either complicated or straightforward compliance issues, but those involved in the minting of NFTs may need to plan for the tax impact of this new revenue.

DAOs – Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Compliance Issues for New Legal Structures

The Internet and growth of new technologies has turned business models on their heads. Existing business structures like the corporation, dating back to the 1600s, to the LLC that first arrives in 1977 feel quaint in an era of international business where ownership can transfer hands instantaneously. The DAO, challenges legal regimes for how to manage autonomous organization without any central location for tax authorities to claim authority. The concept of nexus, or location you do business in, creates interesting challenges for how these new DAOs will be regulated and taxes. Those operating DAOs from the United States, however, need to consider how they are going to present themselves to the IRS and state treasury departments.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to Traditional Assets

Wealth Building Techniques for All Investors

Most of our cryptocurrency investors have a diversified portfolio, but others stumbled into an opportunity and are looking to diversify. Whether you are realizing millions in capital gains to deploy in real estate, stocks, and bonds, or simply have crypto as part of your larger wealth strategy, we are here for your compliance and financial needs. We work with you and your financial planners to look at finances holistically, managing your full financial picture and making sure that you are utilized the right financial instruments to hit your goals.

Wealth Building for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Multigenerational Wealth from Cryptocurrency

Those that have established large amounts of wealth quickly are concerned with how to manage it. Our expertise is helping business owners build their wealth by creating more income generating assets. We work with a variety of financial advisors that can help you execute a variety of tax and wealth building strategies. Each client is different, and there is no cookie-cutter solution to tax and wealth for high networth individuals. We’ll help you comply with the law, pay the minimal but required taxes, and then use your wealth to create a legacy that can outlast you.

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