From Profit First to detailed financial analysis, proper accounting systems and books are the foundation that we build your financial future on top of. No business can make decisions without data, and making your accounting systems your “source of truth” is critical to understanding your profitability and business objectives. For most businesses, it makes more sense to utilize outsource accounting services instead of making due with unqualified overworked internal staff. In the long run, proper accounting services will save you money and help you control costs.

How to use Outsource Accounting Services

Big Company Resources at Small Business Budgets

With four levels to choose from, we can fit into any reasonable business budget. By offering you the fractional access you need to senior resources, we give you a competitive advantage over your other small business competition. With our monthly packages you save substantially off the A La Carte pricing, getting dedicated resources every month to make certain that your accounting and finances are well managed. From a basic Starter Package ensuring tax compliant, up to Fractional CFO Services giving you big company financial tools.

Flexible Levels

Midrange Solutions for mid-sized businesses

For our midrange clients, we offer Profit First and Fractional Controller Services. Profit First is designed to help new Owner Operated manage cash-flow, increase their earnings, and growth their wealth. Owner-operated business finance is in many ways a hybrid of personal finance and business finance, which is why Profit First is so effective.

Companies that aren’t ready for a full Finance Department will benefit from our Control Controller Service. This service is to help businesses that have just started to grow to the point of managers making business decisions with financial impact. By implementing business controls, budgets, and other corporate structure, you can get the advantages normally only available to larger businesses. Without controls, you will struggle to grow your business, avoid fraud, and protect your business.

Qualifications Matter

Certified on the Tools we Use

Bette is also a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and a certified Xero Silver Partner, and Bronze Gusto Partner, keeping up to date on the software packages we use to make sure that you are taking advantage of the latest and greatest tools. We cross-train everyone on the tools we use, so your needs can be met by our team at all times.

Fully Transparent

Published and Open Pricing

Honesty and integrity is at the core of what we do. Part of how we live our values is publishing our pricing, both our hourly rates and our monthly packages. We think that it’s important to be upfront and honest. With a CPA firm, you should be looking for an honest financial partner with your best interests in mind. We work with clients that want high quality service at a fair price, letting us focus on serving clients that are a good fit for us.

Starter - Compliance

  • Payroll and Monthly Books
  • Quarterly Compliance
  • Semi Annual Tax Planning
  • Annual Tax Returns

Fractional Controller

  • Weekly Bookkeeping
  • Cash Allocation Strategy
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Quarterly Reviews

Fractional Chief Financial Officer

  • Daily Transaction Imports
  • Weekly Cash “Tie-Outs”
  • Weekly Reports of KPIs
  • Monthly KPI Driven Strategy

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