A Boutique CPA Accounting Firm

Despite our small size as a boutique accounting firm, we are able to offer a significantly large range of accounting and tax services. With our extensive use of technology, we are able to utilize talent from across the globe to make sure that we offer you the best service possible at a reasonable price. Although based in Hollywood, FL, we have serviced clients on four continents, and utilize a fully Cloud Based Infrastructure to service you and your business needs.

Full Service Tax Accounting Firm

Virtually everyone needs to file tax returns with the Federal Government, and most people also have one or more state taxes to file. The first engagement we usually discuss with our clients is their tax needs, because that’s what often drives you to review your accounting practices. We are a full service tax accounting firm, able to help you with your federal, state, and international tax obligations.

Tax Return Preparation Services

Annual Federal and State returns for corporations, small businesses, and business owners. Make certain your 1040, 1120S, 1120, 1065, or 1099s are completed on time, accurately, and in compliance with IRS regulations, we handle virtually all Federal and State Tax Accounting Needs.

We work with small business owners in a variety of industries to comply with the relevant State and Federal Taxes. Our Tax Accounting operations focus on providing accurate documents to comply with the rules and avoid unnecessary risks of penalties, fines, or audits. Our Tax Clients range from S Corporations needed to manage payroll obligations to complex LLCs needing to supply K-1s to domestic and international owners. Our accounting firm also handle the tax returns of business owners, whose unique needs to manage W-2, K-1, and 1099 income often requires well qualified professionalism.

Tax Strategy and Planning

Tax Avoidance is actions taken to lessen your tax liability, while tax evasion is the failure to pay. Our accounting firm helps our clients stay within the clear lines of tax avoidance, and avoid the fines and potential jail time that comes with tax evasion. Certain areas of the law are unclear, and involving us as you manage your financial affairs can pay big dividends down the road. Whether it is setting up retirement accounts, structuring partnerships, or managing your business structure, involving us early in the process will help you maximize your after-tax income and wealth.

Wealth building is not what you earn, it’s what you keep. High income and high net worth individuals need to engage in smart, safe, and legal tax strategies to minimize their tax burden while maximizing their net worth. While weighing options between retirement accounts, insurance products, and real estate investing strategies, understanding the tax implications is critical to minimizing your future tax burden. Successful business owners engage a tax strategist prior to your lawyer drawing up the contracts, instead of overpaying your taxes when you engage your CPA after the deal is already executed.

Outsource Accounting Firm Services

While we do offer accounting services on an A La Carte hourly manner, most of our accounting firm engagements focus on our Accounting as a Service (AaaS) offerings for owner-operated businesses, and our Finance as a Service (FaaS) offerings for small to medium sizes businesses that have established a decision making management teams. We help our clients throughout the process: business entity formation, setting their books, establishing payroll services, to building their business and personal tax strategies.

Starter and Profit First Plans

Owner-operated businesses may have employees, but the business owner is making all consequential business decisions. Our introductory offerings, our Starter Package, is a high value entry level offering that focuses on your record keeping, tax compliance, and tax strategy. Our Starter Clients all have their payroll managed, all quarterly tax compliance handled, and we meet twice a year on tax strategy. The affordable Starter Compliance Package is designed to manage all aspects of owner-operated business accounting that revolves around taxes.

The Profit First is an innovative system developed by Mike Michalowicz. Focusing around the psychology of money, Profit First is a methodology guiding owner operated businesses to manage cash flow, forcing profitability. The system is a mixture of accounting, financial planning, and business coaching. Implementing Profit First is straight-forward, but there are many steps involved that can prevent business owners from implementing without help from a Profit First Professional. This powerful system can be adapted for your business’s unique needs, and we are here to help you.

Fractional Controller and CFO Packages

When businesses hit the point of front line managers making decisions that impact the business, it becomes critical to setup real business accounting and finance. Many companies avoid this, fearing the cost. We have worked hard to standardize the process in our accounting firm, enabling us to control costs, making this a high value, high ROI decision for small businesses. Companies that grow to this level and fail to implement controls often find employees putting personal expenses on business cards, steering business to their friends instead of the best option, and other challenges when your managers start making decisions.

Fractional Controller focuses on companies that have started to need full time bookkeeping but not an accounting department. The Fractional Controller program is built around cash flow allocations, monthly financial reports, and full quarterly reviews. The Fractional CFO Program focuses on larger businesses that need to monitor semi-autonomous departments. In addition to giving you most of the benefits of a full time accounting department, we jointly develop and monitor the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that define the health of your business. With a Fractional CFO, we help the business owner operate as the CEO of their business, instead of the general manager.

IRS Representation and Audit Resolution

Business owners facing IRS inquiries or audits need support to minimize their exposure. IRS auditors know what tricks cause business owners to expose themselves to financial risks. Experienced IRS Representation helps keep your business as safe as possible during the IRS process. Having a CPA Firm represent you will help you quickly comply with the requests of the tax authorities and get into compliance. We will also help you determine if you need to engage an attorney in your defense, and help you make any necessary changes to get into compliance and end your IRS problems quickly and at the lowest tax obligation possible. IRS Representation not only minimizes your tax exposure, it reduces the likelihood of your needing costly legal representation.

With our Tax Accounting and Accounting Services practices, we’re able to get you into compliance quickly and stay compliant going forward.

Moving Tax Domicile to Florida

With our lack of income tax or estate tax, combined with a fantastic climate, over an estimated 950 people move to Florida each day, the majority of which come from high tax areas and states like New York, Boston, California, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Your former state will make every effort to keep you or your assets taxed in their state. Properly moving your domicile to Florida and documenting your asset moves is critical to avoid crushing taxes owed to your former state. State tax authorities may attempt to continue to attach to your income after you’ve left, and properly moving and retitling income producing assets and accounts in a timely manner can make the difference in potentially tens of thousands of dollars or more. Let us guide you through the process and relocate your financial life to the Sunshine State.


We do right by our clients… and it shows!

Odelia Goldberg, Esquire

I referred several clients to Bette for tax and estate planning work and every time, they came back with positive comments. Bette takes the time to really understand the issues. In one instance, my client had a very complicated tax issue, spanning multiple years and various investment tools. Bette, with her expertise and patience, was able to substantially reduce my clients’ exposure. I highly recommend Bette to anyone and feel fortunate to have her on my team.

Odelia Goldberg, Esquire, Law Offices of Odelia Goldberg
Steve Erlich, CEO

I have worked with Bette Hochberger for years as my business and personal accountant. She has an uncanny ability to handle complicated tax matters and simplify them to help us make better decisions. Her background in engineering and business administration has helped us set up our books in such a way to keep our tax filing costs down while generating useful managerial reports. We’re one of the few small businesses in our industry that have a strong accrual reporting system, which gives us a competitive edge by truly understanding our economics. She has managed my business returns for a variety of LLCs and S-Corporation, and has helped us structure our businesses to reduce complexity, isolate liability, and maximize our profits. I consider her a critical part of my business team.

Steve Ehrlich, Return Marketing, Inc.
Rabbi Elie Ganz on a Motorcycle

Having Bette Hochberger as my accountant is a great relief during tax season. As a year-round rabbi, teacher, and synagogue cantor, and a seasonal wilderness guide, I’ve got a number of confusing details to figure out that those “do-it-yourself” tax services don’t do. Bette calmly, and very professionally, navigates all the ins and outs of the tax process for me.

Rabbi Elie Ganz, Scheck Hillel
Glen Surnamer

Bette is a conscientious and diligent accountant. More than that, she acts like a real stakeholder in our company. She also brings a unique entrepreneurial spirit to her work which is hard to come by with accountants! I have greatly appreciated her work and her commitment to our team.

Glen Surnamer, CFO, Bookigee, Inc.
Jay Epstein

A combination of friendly personalized service, knowledge and speed is a rarity in most cases. But with Bette, it’s standard practice. Whether you’re a seasoned tax payer with knowledge of all the ins and outs, or a novice with limited knowledge, Bette will take on the ownership you expect and require. In my case as a brand new business owner, Bette went above and beyond to take uncertainty away and guide me through all that would benefit me. I can’t say enough about her. I have already referred her to several friends and families and will continue those referrals because she really IS that good.

Jay Epstein, Jay Epstein, LLC

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