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As a CPA Firm for Law Firms and Attorneys, we understand that legal practices are highly specialized. As an attorney, your time is your business’ inventory, and it is important to work with an accounting firm that understands how busy you are, how valuable your time is, and how important it is that we know how to handle your account quickly. As a CPA for law firms and lawyers, Bette makes sure that her team helps you maximize the benefits available to your firm, as well as your personal taxes. Law Firm Accounting systems need to be able to handle regular billing by junior staff, with regular reviews by the partners and a focus on wealth building for the owners.

Our Firm has been handling law firms since we opened, and we are prepared to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

Trust Accounts

CPA Firm for Law Firm Trust Accounts

Florida Bar Ethics require proper accounting procedures for trust accounts, including monthly reconciliations, journals, and tying out all cash to the bank statements. Each state bar is different, but most states likely require some degree of proper accounting, which a CPA for Law Firms is the natural choice for. As attorneys, you know the importance of compliance with ethics rules, and using a CPA firm ensures that you have a professional managing your trust account accounting.

Legal Trusts – IOLTA

Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts

As trusted fiduciaries of client funds, proper accounting for trust accounts is critical. It is important that your trust account records be up to date, interest be properly allocated to client and cases, or designated properly for charitable donations. Up to date records to comply with all ethical rules of your state bar keep you in good standing. The Florida Bar has some recommended charities for your Interest on Trust Accounts Program, but we can help you individualize it to causes you support. We understand how important it is that this be handled reliably without creating problems for you while serving the needs of your firm and your clients.

Expense Tracking

Law Firm CPA firms Help You Track Expenses

Poor expense tracking makes client billing problematic and loses attorneys money. Accounting firms that do not specialize in law firms may now know the importance of properly tracking all expenses and allocating them to Client/Case combinations. Proper practice management systems make it easy for your staff to quickly identify the accounts so clients can be billed properly. Additionally, we make sure that any expenses not billed to a client are also tracked properly so you get all the deductions that your firm is entitled to.

Want to write off expenses related to your car? You may need to Track Mileage – but we’ll make it easy for you.

Operating Agreements

Smart Law Firm CPAs Read Your Operating Agreement

Every law firm has a different operating agreement, meeting the unique needs of the attorneys that own the law firm, and it is important that your accounting system reflects that agreement. Often the assumptions of legal partnership structures and the tax code present challenges to as complex an entity as a multi-partner law firm. Even if you have an accountant for your personal taxes, you should engage a CPA for your law firm that specializes in your field. Engage us early in the process, and we can ensure that your business and legal objectives don’t result in your overpaying of taxes by wrongly designating income or limiting your ability to write-off certain expenses. The implementation of the IRS Tax Code may result in counter-intuitive readings of tax law, making a CPA’s input valuable during partnership formation or accounting system rebuilds.

Gifts to Staff

Manage the Tax Treatment of Staff Gifts

Gifts and bonuses to staff are a routine way that law firms take care of their best junior employees. However, if handled incorrectly, your staff members do not appreciate the contribution you are making because of extra withholding of taxes, or the bonus is treated as a non-deductible gift of the firm. Since law firm partners are at a higher tax bracket than their staff, the failure to properly document and track these gifts will result in excessive taxes being paid because the money will be taxed at the firm owners tax rate instead of the employee’s lower tax rate.

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Time Sensitivity

We’re busy professionals, we both bill by the hour, and you bill higher. We save you time so you can serve your clients. Let my staff handle your needs.


We don’t pawned you off on the equivalent of a paralegal. All the higher level discussions are with Bette. Bette studied engineering at MIT and has a Masters in Accounting, she can keep up.

Similar Firms

Boutique CPA firms and small law firms have similar structures – one to four owners and a junior staff. We need payroll, benefits, and a retirement plan that handles a sizable income differential.

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