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In today’s global business landscape, many local tax preparers lack experience with foreign investments or enterprises involving foreign investors. Neglecting proper reporting can result in hefty penalties. To avoid financial troubles, whether you’re new to international business or have global holdings, you need an experienced foreign business CPA who understands your unique needs.

Foreign Holdings

Reporting on Foreign Holdings

If you have foreign bank accounts or overseas investments, you may need to submit specific tax forms like the Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) or FinCen Report 114. These forms involve reporting various overseas assets, and failing to do so can result in substantial penalties. South Florida serves as a central hub for foreign investment and investors, including both local citizens and immigrants with business holdings from their home countries. If you engage in any overseas business activities, it’s essential to have a foreign business CPA safeguarding your financial interests.

Global Business Tycoon

Or Just Renting Your Old Home?

Foreign business regulations are crafted to combat tax evasion, international criminal organizations, and money laundering. Consequently, these regulations impose comprehensive reporting obligations to deter international illicit activities. Unfortunately, this implies that the same reporting requirements apply to a Canadian renting their former family home and a global magnate. Fortunately, our expertise ensures your compliance with these regulations.

Foreign Investors

Global Access to Capital

Contemporary startups enjoy global funding opportunities. Yet, dealing with overseas investors can add complexity to your reporting and tax obligations. We specialize in assisting corporations and LLCs with foreign investors to maintain compliance with both U.S. and international tax authorities. Our expertise covers international income tax and foreign real estate tax matters. Situated in the Miami metropolitan area, we possess extensive experience in Latin America, while serving clients with investments and investors from the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the Middle East.

Foreign Business

Core Knowledge Here!

Since our founding, we’ve been helping clients with foreign holdings. Our website has consistently provided information on these matters from the very beginning. In 2013, we stressed the need for electronic FBAR filing, and we continue to stay informed about tax code changes as they develop.

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Foreign Business CPA

We conduct thorough reviews for all foreign business CPA requirements to prevent overlooked issues that could lead to complications. When needed, we refer to the applicable tax treaty or collaborate with specialized international tax attorneys. We handle your financial and tax compliance, allowing you to concentrate on your international business activities, free from paperwork worries. If your current CPA or tax preparer doesn’t inquire about foreign business holdings or foreign investors, you may be at risk of non-compliance, potentially facing substantial fines and penalties.

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Global Reach

Our international presence includes team members across the globe, serving clients on four continents.

Partner Firms

We maintain strategic partnerships with firms in foreign countries to enhance our support for your international interests.

Flexible Structures

We understand the distinct challenges foreign firms face, and as a versatile boutique firm, we can customize our services to meet your specific requirements.

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