IRS and Audit Representation and Resolution

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No one wants a problem with the IRS, but sometimes those problems find you. Whether you got an unexpected letter from the IRS, haven’t filed tax returns in a number of years, or can’t figure out how to pay your tax bill, we can help.  Sometimes you can handle these problems on your own, but sometimes it makes sense to have an experienced professional on your side.

Services we provide include:

  • Review and response to IRS notices.
  • Power of Attorney to act on your behalf.
  • Reducing and removing penalties.
  • Preparing for audit representation for businesses and individuals.
  • Filing back tax returns.
  • Establishing payment plans.
  • Resolving payroll tax problems.
  • Stopping and removing IRS levies and liens.
  • Offer in compromise.

Audit Protection Plan

Don’t worry about getting another IRS (or state agency) letter or inquiry again. Our tax clients have the option to enroll in our Audit Protection Plan annually.  Audit Protection covers all the communication, research, phone calls, letters, and aggravation for you. Audit Protection offers up to 5 hours of CPA time.

Getting into IRS Compliance

The IRS will work with you to resolve your issues, but only if you show a good faith effort to get into compliance. If you represent yourself, or bring a lawyer with you, you are asserting your rights but not showing an effort the get into compliance. By bringing a CPA as a representative, you are able to demonstrate to the IRS that you have obtained the correct professional support to get into compliance.

We will draw up your plans, help you demonstrate an effort to get into compliance, and then help you get into compliance. This often involves preparing or amending back taxes, setting up new payroll systems, and establishing proper financial controls to avoid a repeat, including calculating quarterly estimated payments. It is more cost effective – and much less stressful- to fix the problems ahead of time then to fight the IRS and pay penalties and interest.

Bring Legal Council when Necessary

There are times you need a lawyer, and IRS problems may be one of them. We will work with your attorney if you have retained one, help you find an attorney if needed, and we will provide the resources necessary to quickly and efficiently resolve your IRS issues with the minimum possible tax obligations to you. Even tax attorneys often lack familiarity with how the tax laws flow through to the actual IRS Compliance documents, making it important that you bring a CPA with your when dealing with the IRS.

Go Forward Compliance

Most IRS Agreements require you to comply on a go-forward basis. This means any payment plans, removal of fines, or reduction of penalties are dependent on you not falling back into the bad habits of the past. We will work with you on your go-forward plan, develop an accounting and tax compliance plan that keeps you out of trouble, and then work with you to improve your business practices so that you are more profitable than when the process began.