Caring for aging family members and those with special needs is not something people are versed in discussing. However, Denise Lettau, Esq., is an expert in caring for these family members and will help you draft the documents needed for executing the family member’s wishes. You can find Denise’s impressive bio and contact information here.


Denise is a lawyer who works with people to help with their care plans. The company she works for is called National Care Advisors. The company is entirely owned and operated by nurses. Primarily, she helps families make plans concerning their care for family members with special needs or loved ones who are aging. This plan details: where they are going to live and who will assist them daily. Denise has that conversation and then drafts a legal document to establish a clear direction for their care. This document is in addition to the other documents aging people and or people with special needs should have when thinking about their futures. This document allows you to say, “these are my desires and wishes if I cannot care for myself.”

This conversation is not the most pleasant one to have, so it’s essential to educate people about these things before reaching this age to be better suited to handle the discussion. Denise explains there is a helpful service called The Conversation Project that trains people to have this conversation. You can start the conversation with a simple comparison between a will and this document. A will is a document that entails your wishes for after you’ve passed away, this document is similar, but it involves your desires for after you’re incapacitated, in some way. The importance of this conversation lies in the fact that this plan eliminates the panic that occurs when something happens to diminish your loved one’s health.

It’s also essential to keep your records updated because things change. A lot of what Denise does is help assess people with disabilities and create care plans for children, young adults, and adults. She plans for the young adult’s life; their school plans, their living plans, what they can afford, and if they will need public benefits.
Watch the video to hear all about Denise’s exciting hobby.

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