Basic Starter Package for Small Businesses

Basic Outsource Accounting Package for Small Businesses

Our Starter Compliance Package offers affordable outsource accounting prices for small businesses, by giving them the features they need, to help them grow their business. This package is popular with companies starting out, or small businesses whose owners realize that they have hit a wall and want to start to grow. Often, our Starter Package is a stepping stone to a more serious Profit First implementation or Fractional Controller arrangement, because with compliance matters resolved we free the business owner to work on growing their businesses.

Starter - Compliance

  • Payroll and Monthly Books
  • Quarterly Compliance
  • Semi Annual Tax Planning
  • Annual Tax Returns

Fractional Controller

  • Weekly Bookkeeping
  • Cash Allocation Strategy
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Quarterly Reviews

Fractional Chief Financial Officer

  • Daily Transaction Imports
  • Weekly Cash “Tie-Outs”
  • Weekly Reports of KPIs
  • Monthly KPI Driven Strategy

What is the Starter Package?

Why Compliance Matters

The Starter Compliance Package is focused on the needs of your business to comply with state and federal tax matters. The most common services are: monthly bookkeeping, setting up payroll service, quarterly reviews for estimated payments, semi-annual tax planning sessions, and your annual tax returns. If you already have a payroll system, we will work with it to verify compliance, for other businesses our strategic partner Gusto is our preferred payroll system. Where necessary we setup your state unemployment contributions, sales tax remission numbers, and state tax filings. Clients in our Starter Package focus their energies on the needs of their clients and their businesses, instead of tax compliance.

Payroll and Monthly Books

The Basics to Stay Out of Trouble

Tax compliance requires reliable record keeping. With our starter package, we update your books monthly so we have accurate records on a monthly basis. This means reconciling your bank statements, business credit cards, and other electronic systems for payments. Once your books are organized, you get a list of unknown charges to review so we can classify them.

We utilize a Profit First “Lite” system focused on Tax Compliance, which combined with monthly books means reasonably accurate quarterly tax payments. By making the payments throughout the year, we take the stress out of tax season, as you know that your taxes are paid in, with no surprise bills on April 15.

Quarterly and Annual Compliance

Annual Tax Returns plus Quarterly Filings

Most business entities have annual tax returns, and all citizens and residents with a reasonable amount of income must file an annual tax return. Additionally, mall business owners will be responsible for quarterly estimated payments, and often payroll tax forms that need to be sent into the state. Any additional quarterly tax compliance issues are identified and handled as well. By managing quarterly compliance processes for you, we let you focus on your business, and we focus on our area of expertise. Over our first few quarters of working together, we’ll learn the ebb and flow of your business and compliance needs, until it becomes as second nature as any other regular aspect of your business. The goal of the compliance package is to make January 30th, March 15th, and April 15th, just another day on your calendar, instead of days requiring a scramble.

Tax Planning Sessions

Twice a year to save money

Tax planning sounds really complicated, but can be really simple for most business owners. Most common things that will be reviewed will be any lifestyle changes that impact your taxes (marriage, divorce, birth of a child, etc.), and how your income is doing compared to expected. If your income has dropped you into a lower tax bracket, or increased to the next tax bracket, we want to adjust your withholding or quarterly estimates. If you are deciding to refinance a mortgage, change your charitable giving strategy, or make a large investment, up to date financials means we can advice you on the financial and tax impact with accurate information. These review sessions can range from 15 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how many things to review. Most of these calls last 30-45 minutes, but pay off dramatically in helping your tax strategies.

Accounting as a Service (AaaS)

Affordable Outsource Accounting Prices

Like many things in life, accounting is less work if done regularly instead of all at the last minutes. When your books are done during tax season by accountants pulling overtime, with a year’s worth of questions all at once, it is extremely time consuming. With regular bookkeeping, you get an email listing charges from the past 14-30 days, which you review and answer. With annual tax services, you might get a middle of the night email on April 10th asking about a Paypal Credit Card charge from the prior January. The former is obviously faster and more efficient, which is why we can provide dramatically more value to you and your business with our Starter Package than our simple Tax Return Service.

Our desire to smooth out expenses has led to embracing SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and at Bette Hochberger, Inc., we are proud to be pioneering offering FaaS (Finance as a Service) and AaaS (Accounting as a Service) to our clients, giving them up to date information and bringing affordable outsourced accounting prices to small businesses for the first time.

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