Supporting Charitable Causes and Professional Organizations

Professional and civic organizations are the backbone of our communities, and it’s essential to support these organizations. As the founder of Bette Hochberger, Inc., I remain actively involved in a professional organization that helped me establish my practice and continue to grow it. As a woman business owner, I take it upon myself to mentor and assist young professional and entrepreneurial women as they embark on their careers.

Professional Organizations

Bette Hochberger w Gena Bofshever


I believe everyone is responsible for giving back to their community in any way possible. I am a proud supporter of organizations that improve women’s and children’s lives. I have focused heavily on programs that help and support financially disadvantaged or challenged women and children.

Charity and Community Involvement

I have encouraged all employees, contractors, and strategic partners to increase their civic involvement and focus on working with clients who also support their community.