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Business books are a great source of knowledge from others that have been in the trenches building enterprises. I love classic texts that are used in MBA classes as well as modern “self-help” style books that help people solve their problems. I even have a Business Book Club that meets monthly on Zoom, as we all read a business book and get together to discuss it.

Getting to Yes

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Principled negotiation is defined by people, interests, options, and criteria. Negotiation interests include substance and relationships. Separate the people from the problem. Make sure everyone's interests are aligned. Invent multiple options agreeable to both sides. Measure results on objective criteria. Learn to use negotiation jugitsu.


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There are six weapons of influence: reciprocation, commitment and consistency, social proof, liking, authority, and scarcity. Reciprocity is when you receive something and feel you have to give something back. Commitment and consistency are associated with personal and intellectual strengths. Social proof is how we take behavior cues from others. People prefer to say yes to someone they know and like. Authority can trigger compliance is others. Scarcity can increase the perceived value of something.

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