As we work with a variety of software packages, including an ever growing SaaS (Software as a Service) stack, we learn of features that can help people work more efficiently. We like to share clever accounting tricks that we have learned along the way. We also share accounting tips that can help you save money.

Over the years, we have learned so many neat accounting tricks from people that publish on Youtube, we thought it was important to share some of our own accounting tips on our Youtube Channel. We also maintain an archive of educational videos, with information necessary to help you make good financial decisions in life and your business. One of our most popular Youtube Playlists was Tax Form Howtos, where we show you how to fill out common IRS forms.

With decades of Quickbooks experience, both desktop versions and online versions, we are always learning time saving techniques to get information into our systems faster with less cumbersome work. Whether looking at keyboard shortcuts or simply navigating the menu better, there are ways to use your tools faster to accomplish your goals.

We share our material over to Youtube, and we include our new content in our Newsletter. If you have questions about a tax form, or looking for advise on something, you can always email us, reach out to us on Twitter or Messenger, and we will add it to the list of future videos to create. Tell us which of these videos is your favorite by giving it a thumbs up on Youtube and letting us know in the comments.

Retirement Planning – Seth Bassoff

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Retirement planning can seem boring, but when you have our #FinanceFriday guest Seth Bassoff CEPA®, APMA®, CRPS®, CRPC®, RFC® on your side, you can do some very cool things. Come check us out on this #FinanceFriday video.

What You Should Know Before You Move To Florida.

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Did you move to Florida during the pandemic? Well, we see you and want to prepare you with some tips and tricks in regards to documenting your move so you can avoid those pesky state taxes.

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