Welcome to Finance Friday, featuring my friend, The Emerald Financial Group owner, and the author of “20 Questions: What You Don’t Know Matters”: Karen K Roberts. Karen has been in the finance industry for over 30 years. Karen’s goal in writing this book was to educate and empower women to control their finances. She was going to call it “10 Stupid Things Women Do to Ruin Their Money” but decided against that once she realized books telling people how to fix their money already polluted the market.

She decided she wanted to do something different and came up with “20 Questions: What You Don’t Know Matters.” According to Karen, you could read every money book on the market and never change because we don’t ask ourselves the right questions. When meeting with clients, she realized that financial planning was the tip of the iceberg for helping people live their dreams. Her book focuses on changing your mindset regarding finances, not just changing your net worth. Karen’s set of 20 questions have changed the perspectives of many people already, so if you don’t own a copy of her book; go get one. 

We discuss how to grow a good idea (the first chapter of her book), get out of your head, and start living in the real world. Karen says that telling someone about your idea holds you accountable for pursuing that idea. You can’t hold yourself accountable in the same way that a community of people can. She encourages people to find a community like the one she has found in the cycling community.  Watch the video to hear about her secret hobby. We hope to see you next time, and don’t forget to check out our most recent Finance Friday featuring Jennifer Gomez, Esq.