#DearIntern is trending on Twitter, and for those who don’t know, people are using it as an opportunity to share the embarrassing mistakes they’ve made while at work. Concerning the sheer amount of business books we’ve read at book club that emphasizes the importance of creating and learning from mistakes, I figured I’d share some of these tweets with you all. So let’s take a look at this Social Media Round-Up.

It all started with this tweet HBO sent out.

We have all been there; making mistakes are crucial for growth, well learning from them. I once took someone’s meme, edited it, and didn’t give them credit, and I thought it was fine. But, I learned from it, and as Bette always says, “Make new mistakes.” #DearIntern

I agree with Threatymology; mistakes are an essential aspect of learning, and if you’re not making mistakes, you’re not working hard enough. This trend could serve as an example to any company that has harsh policies. #DearIntern

Now I know why my Spotify is so finicky; It’s Daenney’s fault. But, I’m just kidding, my Spotify has always been fine, and I’m glad to know Spotify is the kind of company that accepts that mistakes are a great way to find what’s broken and fix it.

You’ve officially exposed your muppet obsession to the internet. Congratulations, by the way, we all deserve to have a “Bert and Ernie” in our corner. #DearIntern

This guy Eddie has the best outlook and is giving me supportive dad energy. Thank you, Ernie… I mean Eddie. #DearIntern

Justin cleverly points out that any publicity is good publicity, and this is the most HBO has had in a while. #DearIntern, know your worth!

And, in the words of the infamous Monica Lewinsky… it gets better.

Anyway, that is all I have for this social media round-up called #DearIntern; let me know what you think on social and as always, stay safe.