Watch as we discuss the book, “Subscribed” By Tien Tzuo featuring Gabe Weisert.

Today, we will be discussing the book, “Subscribed- Why the Subscription Model Will Be Your Company’s Future – and What To Do About It” By Tien Tzuo, Gabe Weisert.

In 2021, as a society, we are moving away from being customers and moving into being subscribers. Think about it, as a consumer… would you rather– go to a store, find the item you’re looking for, wait in the check out line, bring it home, and then once the product runs out; do it again OR pay a monthly flat fee, for a service that does all the work for you. Personally– auto-pay, Amazon, Netflix, and so many more ingenious services have made my life significantly less stressful.

After reading this book, something just clicked. As of recently, I too, am joining the subscriber-based business model. You can find my subscription offers here: However, I won’t leave those of you who want to remain “A La Carte.

Now, as a business, this can be difficult. Sometimes, you need to uproot your business model, but it can and should be done. The reality is that the times are changing, and you can either get with it… or die trying. As scary as that may sound, it doesn’t have to be, Tien Tzou walks you through the why and the how effortlessly.

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