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Bette Hochberger, CPA, CGMA

Experience a boutique CPA firm specializing in wealth-building for business owners through
strategic tax planning, Fractional CFO Services, and the Profit First Program.

Boutique Florida CPA Firm

Welcome to Bette Hochberger, CPA, CGMA – an elite boutique firm delivering cutting-edge accounting services, business consulting, and financial guidance to ambitious professionals and business owners like you. Though rooted in South Florida, we harness the power of cloud technology to serve clients across four continents and draw on top-tier accounting talent from around the nation.

As a Hollywood, FL CPA, Bette specializes in industries driving South Florida’s economy, including real estate investment, foreign investor-backed companies, and Americans with overseas business interests. An MIT alumna, Bette supports VC-funded startups in Boston and beyond while catering to Florida’s medical, legal, and business professionals.

As Florida’s business-friendly climate lures talent from high-tax states, Bette has crafted a system for swiftly establishing Florida domicile, minimizing taxation from former states. Our nimble, high-caliber team swiftly adapts to evolving conditions. While other CPAs shied away from the CARES Act, Bette proactively launched a series of COVID-19 webinars, securing crucial financing for clients and non-clients alike to weather unprecedented challenges.


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Our Team

Our commitment to excellence for our clients starts with assembling an exceptional team. We handpick top-tier talent who share our vision of empowering clients to grow their businesses and enhance their financial well-being. At the heart of our team-centric approach is an unwavering focus on you and your unique needs.

Bette Hochberger


Bette, an MIT graduate, defies the conventional CPA stereotype by combining technical expertise, creative thinking, and business acumen to serve clients nationwide. As an early adopter in the accounting world, she earned the prestigious Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation in its inaugural year from the AICPA. Bette also boasts industry-recognized certifications from Intuit for Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online, Xero, and other client-preferred tools.

With a diverse academic background in materials engineering, music, and accounting, Bette continually seeks the perfect fusion of science and art in every aspect of life. It’s this distinct approach that makes her the go-to financial advisor for savvy business owners.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

We know how busy you are, so we have answered our most common questions here. The rest can be found on the FAQ page.

Are you taking on new Tax Clients?2020-11-26T16:05:39-05:00

We are always excited to talk to business owners about their accounting needs. If we are a good fit for your organization, we will work to rapidly on-board you. Depending on the complexity of your return, we will work together to determine if we need to file an extension or file on the original deadline.

Do I work with Bette or someone else?2020-11-26T16:02:45-05:00

As a boutique firm, I try to work with all of my clients directly. We’ll work together to talk throughout the year and identify your needs. Around tax deadlines I may not be available for unscheduled phone calls, but I’m always reachable via email.

I got a letter from the IRS, can you help me?2021-10-07T21:59:13-04:00

Almost definitely, we handle most areas of IRS Resolution Matters that normal people and business owners encounter. Schedule a meeting with me, mention the letter. If you have a scanner, that’s the best resolution, but for everyone else, your phone works fine. Ask Google for the latest method of using Document Scan mode for your iPhone or Android, then email me the file, so we can discuss it on your call.

What is involved in moving to Florida?2021-03-01T19:41:19-05:00

Moving to Florida? Purchase or rent a place to live. The tricky part is making sure that your former state can’t tax you or your business. We help our new clients move their entire financial lives, preventing their old states from taxing them.


We do right by our clients… and it shows!

Odelia Goldberg, Esquire

I referred several clients to Bette for tax and estate planning work and every time, they came back with positive comments. Bette takes the time to really understand the issues. In one instance, my client had a very complicated tax issue, spanning multiple years and various investment tools. Bette, with her expertise and patience, was able to substantially reduce my clients’ exposure. I highly recommend Bette to anyone and feel fortunate to have her on my team.

Odelia Goldberg, Esquire, Law Offices of Odelia Goldberg
Steve Erlich, CEO

I have worked with Bette Hochberger for years as my business and personal accountant. She has an uncanny ability to handle complicated tax matters and simplify them to help us make better decisions. Her background in engineering and business administration has helped us set up our books in such a way to keep our tax filing costs down while generating useful managerial reports. We’re one of the few small businesses in our industry that have a strong accrual reporting system, which gives us a competitive edge by truly understanding our economics. She has managed my business returns for a variety of LLCs and S-Corporation, and has helped us structure our businesses to reduce complexity, isolate liability, and maximize our profits. I consider her a critical part of my business team.

Steve Ehrlich, Return Marketing, Inc.
Rabbi Elie Ganz on a Motorcycle

Having Bette Hochberger as my accountant is a great relief during tax season. As a year-round rabbi, teacher, and synagogue cantor, and a seasonal wilderness guide, I’ve got a number of confusing details to figure out that those “do-it-yourself” tax services don’t do. Bette calmly, and very professionally, navigates all the ins and outs of the tax process for me.

Rabbi Elie Ganz, Scheck Hillel
Glen Surnamer

Bette is a conscientious and diligent accountant. More than that, she acts like a real stakeholder in our company. She also brings a unique entrepreneurial spirit to her work which is hard to come by with accountants! I have greatly appreciated her work and her commitment to our team.

Glen Surnamer, CFO, Bookigee, Inc.
Jay Epstein

A combination of friendly personalized service, knowledge and speed is a rarity in most cases. But with Bette, it’s standard practice. Whether you’re a seasoned tax payer with knowledge of all the ins and outs, or a novice with limited knowledge, Bette will take on the ownership you expect and require. In my case as a brand new business owner, Bette went above and beyond to take uncertainty away and guide me through all that would benefit me. I can’t say enough about her. I have already referred her to several friends and families and will continue those referrals because she really IS that good.

Jay Epstein, Jay Epstein, LLC

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