Jordan Guthrie

About Jordan Guthrie:

Originally from Indianapolis, Jordan is midwestern nice, and Fort Lauderdale Chic all at the same time. Jordan moved from health care worker to social media a few years ago, and has rarely looked back. Her work in social media has taken behind the scenes and backstage as some of South Florida’s most exciting events like Riptide Music Festival, Chili Cookoff, Elvis Duran’s Pool Party, and invite only Super Bowl LIV events. A vegetarian, Jordan loves cats and the BurgerFi’s Vegan Beyond Burger.

Jordan’s Bio:

Jordan was working as a health care worker when she applied to represent her employer at the Miami Air and Sea Show, and was hooked on marketing. She enjoyed combining the artistic fun of social media posting with the deep analytics necessary to run modern campaigns.

As a social media coordinator, Jordan has done everything from working on event teams, developing Tiktok and Snapchat company profiles, to managing social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our youngest staff member, Jordan Guthrie is often multitasking, with her Cell Phone managing content creation while reviewing analytics on her laptop.

Jordan Guthrie is also applying her attention to detail toward our new clients as our onboarding concierge. For clients in our monthly program, the first month is the most challenging as we aggregate credentials and integrate all the systems. Jordan’s calm attention to detail gets our new clients up and running on our systems as quickly as possible.

A free spirited vegetarian with a midwestern accent, Jordan’s charm is only matched by her lust for knowledge, master new systems and platforms at a rate that leaves people gasping.