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When you owe the government money, there are many steps that occur before the Treasury sends guys with guns to collect. If you don’t pay, they may put a tax lien on your property and accounts. You can often settle up with installment plans or payment plans. If you owe back taxes, there is always a way to get caught up.

Assisting taxpayers that are dealing with IRS audits is known in the accounting profession as IRS Representation, because we are serving as your representative in interacting with the IRS. State Revenue Representation is handled in a similar manner, but often your state tax audit runs in parallel to your federal one.. Any tax resolution program will require getting into compliance with your filings, demonstrating a good faith effort to avoid future errors, and reaching a settlement with the IRS or state revenue department regarding the back taxes and any relevant interest.

Many people arrive with years of unfiled and unpaid taxes, finding the process of catching up daunting. If you resolve your situation before the IRS locates you, it is easier and less expensive to resolve. Many taxpayers go several years without filing and think that they won’t be bothered, only to find the IRS contacting them demanding years of payments all at once.

Once the tax officers have contacted you, the timeline to manage your compliance situation goes quickly, so securing competent IRS Representation early in the process is important to minimize the back taxes, interest, and penalties owed.

IRS Debt

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I will discuss ways to pay off IRS tax debt. Unpaid tax debts can affect us greatly, and these come from penalties and interest. While people fall behind on filing and paying their taxes for many reasons, the stress of how you will pay doesn’t have to be one of them. 

Stimulus Check Was Never Received?

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If you're one of the unfortunate souls who were qualified for a stimulus check but did not receive one or received less than you should've; worry no more! When you file your taxes this year, there will be a section just for you called the recovery rebate credit.

When Outsourced Payroll Goes Bad

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Usually, when you work with a payroll company, the last thing you expect is for them to not send your tax payments to the IRS. Unfortunately, in a recent court case, when a payroll company declared bankruptcy, that is exactly what happened.

12-16 week processing time for amended returns submitted during the government shutdown

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Today I called the IRS regarding a client's amended tax return. The agent told me that due to backups caused by the government shutdown amended returns will take 12 to 16 weeks to process.

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