About Jose:

Jose is a dedicated professional originally from Venezuela, with Master’s degrees in Accounting and Auditing, and experience in diverse roles across sectors like retail and technology, including positions at KPMG. Currently, Jose is expanding his knowledge at Nova University and working towards his CPA license. Jose is passionate about financial markets and investment strategies, and in his downtime, he loves to unwind at the beach.

Jose’s Bio:

Originally from Venezuela, Jose holds his Master’s degrees in both Accounting and Auditing. His professional journey has been multifaceted and enriching, allowing him to assume pivotal roles at esteemed organizations like KPMG, and explore sectors including retail and technology, where he contributed as an Accounting Manager and Controller. Jose is currently expanding his educational experience at Nova University, earnestly working towards earning his CPA license, anticipated to be completed next year.

Jose harbors a deep passion for delving into financial markets and formulating innovative investment strategies. Outside the professional arena, he enjoys the serene allure of the beach and seizes every opportunity to bask in its tranquility.