Why are people moving to Florida? Spoiler Alert: It’s not just the weather. With nearly 1,000 people moving to Florida every day, it seems like everyone on Twitter has an opinion about it. Let’s take a look at this social media round-up.

#1 Lower Taxes When You Move to Florida

Maria states without qualm that New York is moving to Florida. And based on the comments and my own experience, this proves to be true. Maria implies that people are moving from New York to Florida due to New York’s increased taxes. And Florida indeed has lower taxes, lower cost of living, and of course, warmer weather. Who wouldn’t want to live here? It looks like “I love New York” is looking a lot like “I love Florida.”

I certainly hope Betty’s movers showed up on time. She’s going to find a lot less use for her winter coats in Palm Beach.

#2 Lower Unemployment Rates in Florida

Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis advocated for policies that encourage businesses to invest in Florida, which has unsurprisingly sparked the interest of many people struggling to find employment.

Can someone please tell Paul that when he moves to Florida that I have the perfect real estate agent for his family?

#3 Florida’s ProBusiness Mindset

More people are moving to Florida, so of course, the business follows. While most of the world has been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Florida has fought to keep businesses open. Broward County Vice Mayor Michael Udine comments on the droves of people and businesses flocking to Florida. It seems unemployment will continue to go down with this new business boom, especially in Miami. 

#4 Florida’s Low Real Estate Prices… Move to Florida Already

Florida’s Real Estate is comparatively cheap to New York and other places. Low real estate prices are because Florida has more land than other places and an overall lower cost of living. We all know this is why there are so many retired people living in Florida. The low-interest rates on real estate and plenty of Finance Friday guests explaining the benefits of buying in Florida… I don’t know why you’re not moving yet.

I didn’t know it was this bad in New York; Why didn’t anyone tell me?

#5 Florida’s Weather & Health Benefits of that Weather

It’s no secret that Florida is home to some of the most beautiful beaches globally, but did you know that our weather and Publix Subs can basically cure seasonal depression? Check out Boca’s Mayor Scott Singer’s comments; who knows that moving to Florida is a goldmine for everyone, not just businesses.

I agree with “Pathetic”; Coming from the unforgiving winters and seasonal depression in the north, there’s no better feeling than walking outside in shorts and no shoes without a second thought.

#6 Florida’s Open Schools

Many families have been stretched thin because their governments are closing the schools. They can’t afford child-care for their now home-schooled children. Some of these families see moving to Florida as a great option when deciding between paying their bills and watching their children. Florida’s government recognized this truth and pushed back against the norm by reopening schools.

Now that you’re ready to pack your bags and head to the Sunshine State, check out Bette’s video on what you need to know before moving to Florida.

That’s it for this Social Media round-up. What do you think; are these tweets accurate? Why do you think people are moving to Florida? Let me know on social.