I was today years old when I discovered #TaxTwitter. Did yall know about this?!? For this week’s social media round-up, we will take a look at #taxtwitter, and I will share with you my favorite tweets. Let’s get started!

Ah, yes, this is how I began my journey into the rabbit hole of #TaxTwitter began. The tweet above is hilarious because, judging by the sheer amount of likes, it is true. “Every accountant needs an accountant” shares the exact reasoning behind the phrase, “every therapist needs a therapist,” what do you think?

The above tweet exemplifies why you should let your accountant also do your bookkeeping. Come on people! Bette Hochberger Inc offers this as a service, ya know, in case you want to avoid being “that guy” who can’t explain his expenses and ends up paying someone to fix it last minute. #TaxTwitter

Nayo, you have the work-life balance most of us only dream of. Congratulations! While I don’t think I’m bold enough to schedule anything on the day taxes are due, one way I practice work-life balance is by setting myself up for success. In other words, I make sure to get enough sleep and drink my coffee before I start anything of importance. #TaxTwitter

The tweet above is so accurate and I am so grateful our firm is not alone in our disheartening search for client information. Does anyone know the magic solution to this problem? We use Karbon but I am open to suggestions! #TaxTwitter

You can either move to Florida, establish residency, and stay here or suffer the consequences. I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.  In all seriousness, in case you didn’t know, Bette Hochberger Inc can help you move your domicile to Florida and get you into compliance with the IRS, if you are interested in doing so, give us a call or set up a zoom meeting with Bette.

Anyway, that is all for this week’s #SocialMediaRoundUp. Let me know what you think over on our social media pages and as always, stay safe and we will see you next time.