Founders Fund has officially relocated from Silicon Valley to Miami, with office space in the heart of Wynwood. Just off 2nd Avenue and a block away from Wynwood Walls, we took a trip to visit our newest neighbors. A two block walk from Z9 Ventures Miami Headquarters, we’re excited to see our investment in the Miami and South Florida Area becoming more serious. Bette joined us to check out the area, meet with other principals at Z9, and check out the Wynwood Annex area.

We’d like to join Mayor Suarez in welcoming Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund to Wynwood. We’ve been excited to watch the legitimization of the Miami and South Florida Technology scene these past few months. We’ve been focused on this all year, starting with Miami’s Growing Tech Scene attracting Silicon Valley Talent.

And to think, it all started with a Tweet, “How Can I Help?”

So took a quick walk down the street, visited Wynwood Walls, and then checked on the location of our newest neighbors.

Keith Rabois has been very active promoting his new home in Miami, and bringing the Founders Fund with him just completes this exciting new chapter in Miami’s technology and startup scene.

They’ve been teasing this for almost two months, so it’s exciting to know that this is real. With a career in Startups and Venture Capital, it’s exciting to see our industry legitimized. We’re excited to see more opportunities for technology and business savvy Floridians to stay in the Miami area instead of traveling across the country.

It’s going to be exciting to see more of our Startup Business Clients based in Miami instead of Boston and New York. So it’s official, and in the words of Will Smith, we’d like to say to the Founders Fund, “Welcome to Miami.”

We’re wondering how long before we meet up with any of our new neighbors for happy hour at Astra? Spoiler Alert: the Astra Mule and Alpha Old Fashioned are fantastic, and there is nothing like an outdoor rooftop bar in Miami.