Bette has been receiving numerous calls from business owners wanting to move their domiciles to Florida, so I figured I would do part two of my original “Why Are People Moving to Florida?” blog post.

Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest tweets under “moving to Florida” on this week’s social media round-up.

Now, surrounding the topic of moving to Florida, I often hear people complain about the lack of seasons in Florida. Still, it is possible to split your time between Florida (your new domicile) and wherever it is that they have seasons, provided you spend at least half the year in Florida.

Florida also has incredible music festivals such as Hulaween, Ultra Miami, Okeechobee Music & Art, EDC Orlando, Tortuga, and so many more. So if you are into art, music, and great weather, then Florida is where you ought to move.

As @robbiebradyyy pointed out, Florida’s business scene is booming, and our weather wipes out that pesky seasonal depression. So the incredible Miami-Tech scene might also have something to do with it.

There’s been an influx of tech-related businesses to south Florida, and people are starting to notice, calling Miami Tech the new silicon valley.

Miami tech started in 2020 when high-profile investors moved to South Florida. Soon after, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez began promoting Miami as a technology hub, coupled with south Florida’s no income state tax; it’s the perfect getaway for those used to silicon valley.

What began as a tweet has now turned into a campaign that asks the “techies” to join in and help make Miami better for the industry. For example, Suarez responded to a tweet by Founder’s Fund director Delian Asparouhov. He asked, “What if we move Silicon Valley to Miami?” and Suarez responded with the viral tweet, “How can I help?”

Now, that is a message we can get behind at Bette Hochberger CPA, CGMA.

Here in Florida, we love having streamlined processes. And that includes here at Bette Hochberger CPA, CGMA, where we take extra steps to get our clients onboarded smoothly and efficiently.

Now that you’re ready to pack your bags and head to the Sunshine State check out Bette’s video on what you need to know before moving to Florida.

That’s it for this Social Media round-up. What do you think; are these tweets accurate? Why do you think people are moving to Florida? Let me know on social.