Lest anyone think that the growth in the Miami Startup scene is fake, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is opening a physical branch in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. Like many efforts to deploy financial resources in Miami, the connection to Latin America and global trade features strongly in this move, but the world of #MiamiTech is critical to this Startup Focused business. As Florida’s economy continues its new status as a Tech Hub, one of the world’s most innovative financial institution is coming to town.

No financial institution is more synonymous with the tech startup world the SVB. So an Silicon Valley Bank Miami Branch helps legitimize our new status in the startup world. For more details, see the Yahoo Finance article: Silicon Valley Bank Establishes Physical Presence in Miami

Mayor Francis Suarez’s Leadership Helps Deliver Results

There is no doubt that the aggressive courting of technology companies, startups, cryptocurrency, and other opportunities by Mayor Francis Suarez has played a role in all of this. John China, of SVB Bank, gave a direct shout out to our innovative local political leader on Twitter.

Following the arrival of Softbank, this adds a second large established Silicon Valley financial institution interested in supporting the Miami Technology world. With a bank focused on supporting startups, there are more finance options for our growing startup world. This adds a banking option to our growing world of angel investors, venture capitalist, and civic organizations helping grow our technology world. The impact this will bring to the Miami and Florida technology world in 2022 and beyond cannot be overstated.

Silicon Valley Bank Miami Branch Builds on Track Record

SVB has been funding technology, innovation, and startups for 40 years. They have been investing in Miami-based companies for 20 years. With their partnership in eMerge Americas and anchoring Miami Tech Week in 2022, we expect the Silicon Valley Bank Miami branch to be a model corporate citizen and contribute to the growth and economic opportunities of the entire region.