Outsource Accounting Prices

Each of our outsource accounting prices are set up to be affordable for businesses of all sizes, helping them step up and grow to the next level. The first two packages, Starter – Compliance and Profit First handle the needs of the Owner-Operated firms. The latter two packages, Fractional Controller and Fractional CFO, handle the needs of larger firms with managers making financial decisions.

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Our Outsource Accounting Prices

Our outsourced accounting prices are fully disclosed, and organized into packages designed to help businesses of all sizes grow and reach the next level. The packages of Starter, Profit First, Fractional Controller, and Fractional CFO work to help your business where it is at now, to take it to where you want it to go.

We think it is important to be a partner with our client, which means being upfront about costs.

For those that prefer a traditional billing by the house, we do offer hourly billing options as well.

Starter – Compliance

Starter is our compliance package. Each month, we update your books, make sure your payroll is setup and running smoothly, and use elements of Profit First to manage taxes and operating expenses. We have a quarterly compliance review to verify that all your estimated tax payments are in. We meet twice a year to review your tax planning strategies, and when tax season rolls around, we prepare your return and send it to you to review and then off to the IRS.

Profit First

Profit First is our stepped up package for those Owner-Operated businesses ready to get more strategic than the Starter Package permits. We use more allocations with the full Profit First implementation, designed to adapt to growing your business. Each month we’ll have a short call to review how you’re doing with the business, adjust your allocations as needed, and review your business compared to benchmarks. The goal is to improve profitability each month, while you grow your business and we handle your back office books. Bette Hochberger is a certified Profit First Professional.

Fractional Controller

Fractional Controller service is focused on businesses where business have managers that are now making financial decisions, and you need structure to monitor everything. We establish budgets and processes for your departments. We take care of the bookkeeping each week, with reports of anything unusual. Then we prepare monthly financials for you so you see how your business is doing, and each quarter we have a Strategy session, where we discuss where your business is and what we can do next. Think of this as a fully outsourced accounting department at a much lower cost.

Fractional CFO

Our top tier package, Fractional CFO, is for businesses ready to really take off like a rocket. At the Fractional CFO level, we’re truly a full accounting and finance department for you. The transactions are entered daily, and we tie everything out each week. We work with you to establish KPIs – Key Performance Indicators, that are updated from your systems. We’ll send you a weekly report on those KPIs, and we’ll review them with you  monthly in our monthly Strategy Session. Think of Fractional CFO as having all the tools available to you that your larger competitors have, but at a cost you can afford.

Starter - Compliance

  • Payroll and Monthly Books
  • Quarterly Compliance
  • Semi Annual Tax Planning
  • Annual Tax Returns

Profit First System

  • Everything in Starter
  • Profit First Cash Management
  • Monthly Benchmarking
  • Quarterly Tax Strategy/Planning

Fractional Controller

  • Weekly Bookkeeping
  • Cash Allocation Strategy
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Quarterly Reviews

Fractional Chief Financial Officer

  • Daily Transaction Imports
  • Weekly Cash “Tie-Outs”
  • Weekly Reports of KPIs
  • Monthly KPI Driven Strategy

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