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As a woman business owner, Bette interacts with many organizations that deal with issues that are specific to women and finance. These can include dealing with the unique challenges of working mothers, or helping women recover from abusive relationships, or other issues relating the family matters and women in particular. Even in less dramatic areas, women have different financial needs than men. With longer lifespans, women need to support a longer retirement period, usually with lower incomes in their careers and more gaps related to family matters.

For women in financial fields like wealth management or accounting, they suffer the challenges that women in male dominated fields face. These challenges can include lack of mentorship opportunities, exclusion from social situations where rapport is built, and even outright discrimination.

Issues involving women and finance are routinely focused entirely on the plights of single mothers and childcare, often to the exclusion of matters that affect childless women, married women, and even professional single mothers.

While our business works with business owners of all ages, races, ethnicities, and genders, Bette does dedicate a portion of her community involvement to causes involving women. She has served as a girl scout leader with mixed level troop 10618 (serving Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Girl Scouts), and is currently the Scoutmaster of Girl Troop 18 with the Boy Scouts of America. Girl Troop 18 is one of the oldest female troops in South Florida, being one of only two Girl Troops charted on the first day that girl troops could form in the Boy Scouts of America.

Miss America Pageant Plays Accounting Games

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Being a South Jersey native and growing up in Atlantic City, the Miss America Pageant was always an exciting thing.  I even got to be in the Miss America Parade in high school with the marching band.  But it wasn't until seeing this John Oliver piece that I really gave it much thought.

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