Stimulus money, stimulus checks, economic relief payments, no matter what you call it; the world has been waiting for this money. Now, Coronavirus and its effect have been nothing short of devastating; the only silver lining might be the stimulus checks. So far Americans, who are eligible, should have received three stimulus checks totaling $3200.00. With all this “unearned” money hitting our bank accounts, it begs the question, “What are people spending their Stimulus Checks on?” Well, I did some digging across Twitter and Tiktok and found some savvy spenders, some not-so-smart spenders, and some that made me laugh out loud. Let’s take a look at this social media round-up.

Now, if for some reason you don’t know how the world has responded to the prospect of getting stimulus money, take a look at this rendition of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.”
by Tiktoker, Tyshaun Johnson.

Neil, I commend you. A true scholar, and while I can’t relate, I’m sure someone out there does. Your mom is proud of the way you spent your stimulus money, and so am I.

This one is RELATABLE, except living in Florida, my AC is going down, not up. Keep living lavishly, Joe Ski; I see you.

This tweet about debt and stimulus money made me laugh out loud. If you’ve never seen America’s Next Top Model, it is problematic but entertaining. Having debt is no fun, but when you make it into a meme starring Tyra Banks, I’m sure those creditors will give you a break. Humor is more powerful than you think, my friend.

I love a strong mama bear who puts her babies first. Investing in your baby’s future is an excellent idea. If you’re not sure what to spend your stimulus on, this is it; this is your sign!

Now, this humblebrag, I mean tweet made me smile; spending stimulus money on a family home is an excellent investment. Kudos to you, Justin Hicks.

I found the tweet above by Chief US Economist at Oxford Economics, Gregory Daco, to be fascinating. It appears that with every round of stimulus checks, people are getting wiser and saving their money. It looks like people can grow and change; who would’ve thought? Anyway, that’s it for this social media round-up. Let me know how you spent your stimulus money over on social media and have a fantastic rest of your week.