April’s jobs report was released today and shows an increase of 266K jobs filled; unfortunately, this is far below the 1 million jobs that economists predicted. With this new information, America’s recovery from the pandemic is more uncertain than ever. People are questioning their allegiance to these economists while debating our leadership’s policies. As you can imagine, this news has caused an uproar on Twitter; using the trending tag #JobsReport, #Unemployment, and #+266k will bring you to the front of the action. Today’s social media round-up will show both sides of the argument. Let’s begin.

This first tweet by Anthony Pompliano shows the growing distrust towards economists, and many are looking for someone or something to blame for April’s depressing job report.

The first potential culprit being unemployment benefits, precisely The Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FUPC) benefit of an extra $300 a week. FUPC is in motion because of the American Rescue Plan Act meant to sustain people during these trying times, but now people blame it for April’s less than reassuring job report. If you were unemployed and had the option to stay home and get paid minimum benefits for your state plus an extra $300 weekly, would you stay home or go back to work? Well, that depends on how much money and benefits you’d be offered to go back to work. Bringing us to our main argument: Pay people living wages with benefits, no matter their job, or cut unemployment benefits and get people to work? Either way, it’s having a devastating effect on April’s job report.

Of course, some believe that Americans are being paid well above minimum wage but still refuse to work.

This tweet exemplifies the core of the conversation around April’s job report on Twitter. People call for livable wages, while corporations call for the severance of government benefits. However, both are unlikely.

Last but not least, some people are trying to remind people that while some areas have opened back up, many places are still in lockdown and many people still need to care for their children, which directly affects April’s job report.

To summarize, everyone agrees to disagree, and nothing changes. But, I want to hear your opinions about April’s disappointing job report. Do you know anyone who is collecting unemployment despite ample job opportunities or any business owners who can’t find workers? Let me know what you think over on social and check out my blog from last week. Stay safe until next time.