If you are looking at cloud accounting systems, which is what I recommend, there are a few options out there:

1. Xero- https://www.xero.com/us/

This is my fav.  You can hook up bank account feeds, which update transactions daily.  You can attach documents (receipts, spreadsheets, statements, etc) to transactions so you can be paperless.  There’s also a phone app so you can create invoices on the fly and take pictures of receipts to attach to transactions.  There is a huge list of add-on programs that makes Xero super flexible and powerful (CRMs, inventory, freshbooks, etc).  I recently worked on a project for a warehouse- we created a cloud stack with Dear inventory management, shopify to handle retail transactions, and Xero to run all the accounting in the background and the client was thrilled.

2. Wave- https://www.waveapps.com/

If you are on a super tight budget you can check this out.  Wave is a free accounting program.  It is not as robust as Xero or QuickBooks Online but it gets the basics done.  You can set up a bank feed and use the phone app to take pics of receipts.  It’s really good when you are a cash based business.

3. QuickBooks Online-  http://quickbooks.intuit.com/online/ 

This is Intuit’s cloud solution.  They recently revamped the software, and quite frankly I find it unintuitive.  It has a lot of functionality, most of what Xero has.  There is a phone app that handles invoicing and expenses.  There are add-ons but nothing plays nicely with intuit so there are not as many options.

I’m certified Xero and QBO (Wave doesn’t have a certification process) and can help you with all three.  Use the form below to contact me to set up your cloud accounting system!