Xero – Beautiful Accounting Software

Xero Accounts like the team at Bette Hochberger, Inc. can help you simplify your operations by making your general ledger part of your business flow. Instead of catching up on the books monthly, quarterly, or annually, we use Tools like Xero, LivePlan

Xero, a Cloud Based Accounting Package, simplifies your life as a business owner. As a Xero Partner, we’re trained Xero Accountants to help you use cloud based systems to save time and money in running your business. Recording receipts via your phone, integration with a CRM, and generating monthly reports are some of the services we offer to help you run your business. Our friends at Xero put together an amusing video for you to learn about the features of Xero.

Cloud offerings mean no shoeboxes of receipts. Instead of scanning and emailing, you take a picture with your phone. Your payroll is run with a few mouse clicks, and all your expenses are tracked. As a modern business owner, you might be busier than ever, but those hours should be spent on sales and operations, growing your business, not running your accounting software.

“Xero and Square are a win for everyone!”

We practice what we preach. Our practice runs on Xero. we run Zen Payroll. We track performance in LivePlan. Schedule a meeting online, and you can pick the time for a consultation, which will connect to my Google Calendar, and you’ll get a call on our VOIP based phone.

Xero and Square

Xero and Square integrate beautifully! This saves hours of bookkeeping and processing of financial transactions. For the small business owner, this saves you money and aggravation. Your accountants spend our time helping you strategize instead of reconciling merchant accounts. Lower accounting bills. Less work for the business owner. More sales. A win-win all around!

Square has made it possible for the smallest of businesses to take credit cards where ever they are. With a quick swipe on the phone, the transaction occurs and the money gets deposited. If you’ve ever run a business with a traditional credit card processor, you know what a hassle tracking all your credit card payments can be. With Square and Xero, the integration makes this easy.