The business tax return deadline is quickly coming! Typically C- and S- corporation tax returns are due on March 15th, but this year that date is a Saturday, so the kind folks at the IRS make the following Monday, March 17th, the deadline instead.

At this point, if you haven’t gotten your information to your CPA yet, you are probably going to go on extension.  Extensions are done by filing IRS Form 7004.   This form gives you an extra six months- until September 15- to complete your tax return.  For C-corporations, if you owe any tax for the 2013 year, this form allows you to make a payment for the balance due.

Tweet it! March 17 is the 2013 corporate tax filing deadline.  File Form 7004 to get an extension until September 15. @BetteHochberger 

recite-corporate filing deadline march 17 2014

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