Hey, y’all. Happy Tuesday. I hope everyone’s doing okay. This one’s going to be short and sweet. So, hopefully, you can figure out even what I’m going to be talking about. It shouldn’t be too much of a stretch because… Well, maybe it is if you don’t really pay attention to the tax stuff. Tomorrow’s tax deadline. So let’s do it, okay?

Hi, I’m Bette Hochberger, CPA, CGMA, and you’re concise tax tip Tuesday today is that tomorrow is September 15th. It is the S-corporation, the partnership, LLCs that are taxed as a partnership. It is your deadline. If you are still working on your stuff, your CPA is very mad at you. We are tired. We are a little stressed out. We do not want to answer any more emails or phone calls about questions. We want to get your returns done and out the door.

Advice: if you’re not quite ready because sometimes that happens. Do your best. Get your stuff as done as it can be and file it. And if you find out later there’re mistakes, go back and amend them. It’s better to have things maybe a little bit not perfect and discover that later and then fix it, then to be oh, I can’t figure this out. So I’m just not going to file.

So at least if you get something filed, even if you find out later, I did this wrong, I did that wrong. You can correct it, but it’s excruciating to file late because you will pay many penalties and interest. Also, September 15th is the third quarter estimated tax payment, so if you’re one of those individuals that pay quarterly, tomorrow is your day. So send some money to the government.

And that’s it for this tax tip Tuesday. I got to get back to work, unfortunately. So if someone wants to join me for happy hour after it’s all done, give me a call, shoot me a message. And I hope your tax filings go well, see you next time.