Work-Life Balance has generated quite a bit of buzz. It seems that the younger generation is throwing away the capitalistic mantra of “No Days Off!” and recycling it into “PLEASE, take days off for your health. As a member of Gen-Z, I agree that self-care should come first, not your job. However, I also recognize that self-care should not be an excuse for underdelivering at said job. I figured I would look at what Twitter is saying about Work-Life Balance and share it with you for this week’s social media round-up.

This tweet by @Freeyourmindkid is so on point. During the pandemic was the first time I was able to work from home full-time, and during that time, I realized not only was I more productive at work, but I was also less stressed. My stress tends to manifest into various physical ailments, and during the time I worked from home, I had very few occurrences. Can you relate to that? I honestly believe that any company that can have their employees work from home should. A zoom subscription is way cheaper than renting office space.

Not to hate on people who love work, but we all know that person who comes in early and stays late encourages you to do the same. I’ve always felt somewhat bad rejecting their pleas toward me to stay late, but I must prioritize myself. Sorry, not sorry.

This Twitter thread about work-life balance perfectly encapsulates the concept I was referring to at the beginning of this social media round-up. People are contributing to the capitalist machine, and I believe this will benefit everyone in the long run.

I have the privilege of working from home, and I have noticed many people who worked from home are now up in arms about going back to the dreaded office. Can you blame them? Most of us work 40 hours a week to pay for our home, only not to be able to enjoy living in it due to the culture of, “If you’re not at the office, you’re not working.” It’s absurd, and everyone deserves to enjoy the home they work so hard to afford. What do you all think? Bette did an excellent job explaining her experience with work-life balance in a quickie recently, and it feels so nice to know I have a boss who strives for balance. Anyway, I want to hear from you guys, so let me know on social and as always, stay safe, and I will see you next Friday.