In what might be the most interesting news in South Florida for 2021, the #HowCanIHelp movement launched by Mayor Francis Suarez gains transaction. For those not living on Twitter, a Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley asked rhetorically about relocating Silicon Valley to Miami, and the Mayor asked, “How can I help?” This launched a giant discussion on Twitter, and the conversations have gotten more serious.

Capitalizing on this attention, the Mayor offered his support to the #MiamiTech Shop, at You can buy his tweet on a T-shirt, plus a variety of #MiamiTech swag with all the proceeds supporting the Ignite Innovation Technology Foundation. Good works aside, his offer of support has spawned a lot of interest in the country and Florida. Miami is looking to increase its presence in the world of Technology, and 2021 promises to be a year with a lot of support for this.

Mayor Suarez and Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry spoke together about the effort, which is being validated by investors across the planet. Japanese conglomerate SoftBank is planning to invest $100 Million in Miami-based Startups, in addition to headquartering their $5 Billion Latin America fund here in Miami. SoftBank’s powerhouse reputation in Silicon Valley will likely legitimize this effort, which is only getting harder.

Elon Musk answers “How Can I Help?” with “Tunnels”

Elon Musk has proposed digging tunnels under Miami as a solution to traffic jams. While many scoff at the idea of tunnels in the limestone base that underpins Miami, betting against Elon Musk is rarely a good idea. After some back and forth on Twitter, and presumably, some involvement of their staff, Mayor Suarez and Elon Musk had a conversation about bringing Boring Company tunnels to Miami.

Will tunnels solve regional traffic problems? Who knows? Living in Boston during the Big Dig was a nightmare, but upon completion, it completely rejuvenated the city. I personally think that underground highway express lanes for electric cars might be an easy win, but I might be a little biased.

I will say, what screams Miami more than a Tunnel Rave?

Local Investment Groups are Excited about growing Opportunities

Disclaimer, as a Principal at Z9 Ventures, a Miami-based Venture Group, we appreciate the opportunities that Miami brings to the investment world. Miami is a world-class city in hospitality, entertainment, and the hub to South America. For the best in world luxury products, Miami can compete with any other global city, as the Miami Beach Art Basel shows each year (Pandemic year excepted).

Massive amounts of recent construction create the high-end luxury housing that would be necessary for people fleeing California. Whether the modern downtown life in Brickell, the hipster paradise of Wynwood, the older Miami Beach communities, or the surrounding suburbs, great Miami has the ability to house and service a growing high-income population base. Nearby cities like Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and Coral Gables offer alternative housing options for those raising a family. Florida has no shortage of realtors to help your relocation, all of which will gladly ask, how can I help?

While Miami’s traffic may be irritating, it has nothing on the insanity that is most major metros. Silicon Valley might have been build on engineers pounding Jolt Cola, but we’re sure they’ll embrace the Cafecito in their new home.

Author’s note: I once took No Doze caffeine pills with Jolt Cola during an all-night tooling session at MIT – that was a terrible idea.

Does #HowCanIHelpYou have legs?

I think this time might be different. During the insanity of the past year, we’ve been filled with tourists looking to blow off a little steam during the pandemic. In visiting here, I think that people have learned that this isn’t just the world of retirees and golf, but a thriving international metropolis with world-class amenities. So the real takeaway is, if someone talks about doing something that you’d benefit from, the correct response is definitely, “How Can I Help?”

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