Last week for #FinanceFriday, we had the pleasure of hosting Chris Wade, Partnership Manager at Bitwave. Bitwave is a frontrunner in the evolving domain of digital asset accounting. The insightful discussion revolved around the multifaceted challenges in crypto accounting, the trending patterns in the market, and the vast opportunities waiting to be tapped.

Getting to Know Chris Wade

Born and raised under the warm skies of Southern California, Chris’s journey in the world of finance is as radiant as his hometown. He boasts an impressive decade-long stint in finance, predominantly overseeing risk and ensuring the secure processing of transactions.

It was during his tenure at HULT International Business School in London, while pursuing his MBA in 2017, that Chris’s fascination for cryptocurrency took flight. This newfound passion led him deeper into the intricacies of the crypto universe.

His commitment to the finance industry and thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there. In 2021, Chris earned the title of a Payments Professional, certified by the revered Electronic Transaction Association.

Bitwave & Chris: A Perfect Synergy

Currently, as the Partnership Manager at Bitwave, Chris is at the forefront of a revolution. His role involves collaborating with accounting firms worldwide, empowering them with Bitwave’s cutting-edge software. This tool enables these firms to better cater to their crypto-savvy enterprise clientele.

In the ever-evolving realm of crypto, Chris’s role is nothing short of dynamic. His engagements range from liaising with both layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains to interfacing with venture capitalists. Furthermore, he also interacts with bustling NFT marketplaces and professionals deeply entrenched in the Gamefi sector.