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Florida Residency comes with many perks, including discounted special offers to Disney World and Universal Studios, fantastic year round weather, and having no state income tax. If you are moving here from states with income taxes, establishing your residency quickly can prevent you from owing another year of taxes.

I moved here from New Jersey, by way of Massachusetts where I attended MIT. I know how confusing the Florida governmental processes can be, so I want to help. We love helping business owners relocate to sunny south Florida, where they find the ability to grow their business in our thriving economy. Voter registration, vehicle registration, and homesteading your property are some of the basic steps you take to establish your residency. However, resident-only things like fishing and hunting licenses, library cards, and parking passes are some of the ways our new residents trip themselves up and let their former states tax them.

Florida Residency: Welcome to the Sunshine State

I hope that you took time to watch the video, and found it informative. Approximately 1,000 people move to Florida every day, so you’re in good company as you navigate these forms. We hope that you and your business thrive in our local economy. I also have an extensive network of business associates in every field imaginable, so if you are moving here, reach out, I hope that I can help make your move less painful as you establish yourself in your new home.

We found a fantastic resource at State Of, a private website with information for people that are moving to Florida. They cover a bunch of the laws and procedures that I refer to in my video. I urge you to check out our videos, other Internet resources, or contact us about help proving your status as a Florida Resident. Make sure that all your government paperwork reflects your new home as soon as possible, prior to the middle of the year you are moving.