Happy Tuesday. It’s your favorite CPA in the whole world, hopefully. And it’s Tuesday. So what do we always do on Tuesday? It’s going to be #TaxTipTuesday. And this one’s going to be real short and sweet, and it’s not going to apply to everybody. But if it applies to you, you know that it’s happening.

So without any further ado, we’re going to get started because my calendar is insane, and I had a hop-on in between calls to be able even to do this. Let’s do it. Hi, I’m Bette Hochberger, CPA, CGMA, and today’s Tax Tip Tuesday is for all you procrastinators out there. So it’s the last day of August, which is a little bit crazy. The kids are hopefully back in school or some semblance of school. And I’m starting to see those pumpkin spice everything advertised all over the place.

So while it is fall, do you know what that means for those of us in the tax world? It means extension season. So if you’ve been putting off filing your S Corporation or your partnership, and that includes your multi-member LLCs, right? LLCs with more than one owner, the time has come. You’ve got about two weeks. So please take pity on your poor CPAs and tax people. And don’t wait until the last second. You’re already fairly last second, let’s be honest. But get your stuff together, get it over. You don’t have that much time. It’s a hectic time of year. And you know what? The IRS they’re still behind, but they want your stuff by their deadline. They don’t care that they’re behind. So if you have any problems, issues, questions, et cetera that could still be cropping up, contact your CPA right away. Email them. Give us a break. It’s a tough time of year. So our phones ring nonstop, our email boxes are full. But don’t wait any longer. You got to get those returns, and you got to get them done. And the sooner, the better. So the Tax Tip for today, get your returns done. That’s it. We’ll see you next time.