Hey everyone, I’m Bette Hochberger, CPA, CGMA. For today’s #TaxTipTuesday, I want to make a fun blog and discuss some of the many write-offs for adult entertainers. Whether you’re dazzling on camera or captivating on stage, it’s not just about the glitz and glamour; it’s also about getting smart with your finances. 

So, let’s dive into the world of tax deductions where every prop, costume, and even that glamorous stage makeup can turn into fabulous financial gains. It’s time to sprinkle some sparkle on those tax forms and see how your exciting career can also be tax-savvy!

So, what’s considered a write-off 

– Costumes & Accessories: Light up the stage and your tax savings! Costume expenses for your shows? Absolutely a write-off (Schedule C, Box 27a).

  – Camera & Accessories: Say cheese to tax deductions adult entertainers! Your camera, tripod, and ring light aren’t just for perfect shots but perfect write-offs too (Schedule C, Box 22).

– Stage Makeup: Glam up your tax return! Makeup (and the remover) for your performances counts as a fab write-off (Schedule C, Box 27a).

– Online Advertising: Shoutout to your digital footprint, adult entertainers! Ad expenses on platforms like Google, Meta, and TikTok? They’re all tax-deductible. (Schedule C, Box 8).

– Website & Hosting Fees: Web stars, rejoice! Your website fees with Squarespace, Wix, or GoDaddy are totally tax-deductible (Schedule C, Box 8).

– Agent Fees: Got an agent? Their fees are your fiscal charm (Schedule C, Box 10).

– Props: Every prop you use is a potential tax treasure (Schedule C, Box 22).

– Car Expenses: Driving for gigs? Your parking, tolls, car depreciation, and even that emergency toolkit in the trunk are deductible delights (Schedule C, Box 27a, 13, 22, 15, 9).

– Networking Meals: Discussing work over food? That’s not just tasty, it’s tax-tasty (Schedule C, Box 24b).

– Travel Expenses: Jet-setting for work? Planes, trains, and hotel gains – all tax-deductible (Schedule C, Box 24a).

– Home Office: Your home office is more than just a workspace; it’s a tax-saving haven. From furniture to Wi-Fi bills, it’s all deductible (Schedule C, Box 18; Form 8829 for utilities).

Remember, in the glamorous world of adult entertainment, your expenses aren’t just for show – they’re for savings too! Keep your financial flair as fabulous as your performances!

I hope you learned something new today, and as always, stay safe, and I will see you next time.