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Real Estate CPA Firm Helping Real Estate Investors Manage Taxes and Cashflow

A Real Estate CPA Firm has expertise in tax and accounting rules governing real estate. These rules include basic areas like depreciation and interest rate deductions, as well as more advanced areas like 1031 exchanges, cost segregation studies, as well as maximizing travel deductions. As one of Miami’s serious boutique real estate CPA firms, we help our clients utilize the tax code to maximize their advantages and increase their profitability of their real estate portfolio.

Choosing a Real Estate CPA Firm

Expertise to Manage the Tax Code

Real Estate investors benefit from the services of highly qualified professionals. These professionals including closing attorneys, real estate sales professionals, and qualified accounting services. While any tax preparer will report your income, firms without expertise in real estate will miss some of the tax advantages available to real estate investors. Most real estate advisors will recommend that you utilize a Real Estate CPA that has expertise in real estate.

As a real estate CPA firm, we help our investors take advantage of a variety of provisions. If your general CPA doesn’t work with real estate professionals and real estate investors, they may not help you take advantage of some of the unique advantages available to those that purchase short term rentals or help you or your spouse qualify as a real estate professional.

Foreign Real Estate Issues

Understanding Foreign Ownership Issues

Foreign investment is extremely popular in South Florida. Our proximity to Latin America introduces a tremendous opportunity for raising capital and generating profitable real estate deals. This includes rental residential properties as well commercial real estate investments. In addition to tax compliance for the real estate, there are unique real foreign investment reporting requirements. We help people comply with their FIRPTA compliance as well as their standard tax compliance. Following the IRS guidelines for FIRPTA withholding is critical to working with foreign investment dollars.

Real Estate CPAs know the importance of understanding real estate rules and regulations. Bette Hochberger is a CPA, a former real estate agent, and a real estate investor, helping her understand real estate professionals’ challenges. This expertise has made us one of the top Miami Real Estate CPA Firms.

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