Fractional CFO Service Offerings

Giving Small and Medium Businesses Size Appropriate CFO Services

Fractional CFO service offerings can work for many businesses that cannot afford a full time qualified CFO, but have outgrown the owner managing all financial operations. Utilizing our accounting and contract CFO services can help your business scale with the advice and resources you need.

Fractional CFOs Make Sense for Many Businesses

Big Company Benefits, Small Firm Budgets

Many business owners tell us that they don’t have a CFO. I like to tell them that every business has a CFO, it’s whoever is making those financial decisions. It might be the owner, their spouse, their office manager, or their personal assistance, but someone is serving as the company’s CFO. The question isn’t, “do I have a CFO?” but rather, “as I being well served by my CFO?”

For smaller firms that can’t afford a high salaried CFO, utilizing a fractional CFO service can get you high quality advice at a cost you can afford. Because of our strong accounting and finance expertise, we are often able to offer your fractional CFO services for less than you would pay a full-charge bookkeeper. This means getting high quality financial advice at a cost that you can afford by outsourcing your accounting and CFO services to our firm.

Bespoke CFO Offerings

Customized for Your Business Needs

Certain components of our contract CFO packages are standardized, but others are customized to your business. By customizing our package to your needs, we can create the metrics and processes you need to grow your business. This personalized advice is what makes fractional CFOs a cornerstone of business growth according to the AICPA’s

Because we serve so many businesses in this capacity, we bring efficiencies to the accounting and financial operations, freeing up our time and your time to deal with the higher level decision making to grow your business. In addition to monthly accounting and financial cleanup, we work with you and your team to get the KPIs and metrics that matter to running your organization.

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