Contract CFO Services

CFO Services Scaled to Your Business

Contract CFO Services help small and medium businesses grow by giving them access to the tools and resources normally available to larger firms. Our monthly packages include bespoke customization to make sure that your businesses unique needs are well handled by our team.

Core CFO Services

Up To Date Financials

By making certain your financial information is up to date, we always have financials ready to go. We review your P&L and Balance Sheet changes, to see how to health of the business is improving or degrading over time. We also evaluated your managerial accounting metrics to determine the health of your business. By tracking both traditional financial metrics and industry and company specific metrics, we help you track your business health compared to your peers and other businesses. Our contract CFO services include a mixture of standard and bespoke metrics to help us help you.

While bigger businesses can deploy a dedicated CFO, smaller businesses often rely on under-qualified financial officers to provide them with bookkeeping and tracking. By using contract CFO services, you can get the deep analysis at a lower cost by engaging a fractional CFO.

Bespoke Metrics and KPIs

You Manage what you measure, so measure what matters

The accounting world uses the term “Managerial Accounting” to refer to non-standard metrics used to govern your business. Each company has unique metrics that will evaluate the health of their sales, marketing, and operations. Our business intelligence group will work with you to understand what metrics and factors contribute to your revenue growth and cost containment. With our contract CFO services, you can have the financial statement metrics important to banks and investors along with the management KPIs you need to operate your growing business.

Every business is different, and these unique metrics are unique to you. However, by using industry standard metrics and common business metrics, you are able to get a 360 degree holistic view of your business finances. This is why we customize our fractional CFO service offerings to your business.

CPA Firms are Great Solutions

Accounting and Finance – Merged for you

Larger companies with dedicated accounting departments are more likely to bring in a CFO with a finance background instead of accounting. However, dedicated contract CFOs may lack the accounting expertise to actually get the raw data correct. While your firm is too small for both an accounting and finance department, our CPA firm has the tools to supply you with the resources you need. According to the AICPA, Contract CFO services is one of the hottest topics in the CPA world.

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