Today I am talking about how I help my clients succeed. People see CPAs for very narrow things like taxes or bookkeeping. And while it is true, we do help clients succeed by keeping their books up-to-date and making sure their taxes are filed, there’s so many other things we can do as well.

For example, budgets. Personally, you need a budget. Businesses need budgets. I mean, you don’t need them, but a plan, like a financial plan, is always a great thing, and CPAs can help you build those. Cash flow forecasting, it’s kind of related to budgets, but it’s different. You have money come in, you have money, it goes out. How do you time it to make sure that your cash is where you need it to be? Or what are you going to do if you figure out that you have money coming in, but more of it’s going out before it all comes in? Things like that. So, we can really help you build some cash flow models and manage that process.

And there’s other more strategic services we can provide such as fractional CFO, where maybe your business isn’t at the level where you need a chief financial officer, where you can’t afford someone of that level to bring full-time on payroll, but you do need that kind of help. So, we can come in as a part-time or a engagement-based CFO and help you with various financial things that are a little higher level. Maybe it’s measuring KPIs, key performance indicators, maybe it’s building some financial models for you, all kinds of things that can help you grow your business and help you make better decisions that are all tied back to accounting.

So, we really are very versatile advisors and trusted advisors because we do kind of see everything. We see all the dead bodies in your business, whether you like it or not. Maybe sometimes not all of them, if you’re doing really, really bad shady stuff, but for the most part, we know the ins and outs of, and the reality of, your financial situation, so we really are in a position to be able to help you achieve the goals that you want to achieve.

That is my little quickie for today, and that’s how I help my clients succeed.