Today on Finance Friday, learn how to optimize your website for success from Nicole Sauk, founder of Ventus Design Studio. Nicole has been designing websites for over twenty years and is very passionate about teaching others how to use their website as an investment rather than just a pretty brochure.

Nicole Sauk has been creating websites since 1999.   Everything was built using pure HTML back then, so she learned how to code web pages from scratch while still in high school.   She joined organizations that helped her focus her skills and became an award-winning website designer while still a teenager. As her career progressed, she worked in various positions in the professional design industry: a website designer at a local hosting company, a graphic designer in the art room of an advertising agency, and the sole graphic designer at a private university. Her lifelong passion for design and business development naturally led her to become an independent contractor and eventually a business owner.  She founded Ventus Design Studio in 2012 to help other business owners use their websites as a tool for growth.

So, how do you make your website work for you? Watch our YouTube video below to find out.

The first item on our agenda was, of course, our agendas. The amount of back and forth that Nicole and I have experienced over the years was soul-crushing. Nicole says having Calendly integrated with her website has been a huge time saver, and I could not agree more. Another pertinent part of optimizing your website is a landing page. Nicole breaks down what a landing page is and why it is vital for it to have a clear message for advertising purposes.

I hope you enjoyed this Finance Friday and learned how to leverage your site as an investment. I will see you next time.