What if I told you you could use an NFT land deed to secure land in Minecraft? Hi, I am Bette Hochberger, CPA, CGMA, and on today’s Finance Friday, we have the founder of The UpLift World Metaverse, Corey Cottrell, joining us to discuss how NFTs might be a trillion-dollar industry.
Who knew you could put Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Minecraft in a blender and make a metaverse? Corey did! Corey has been an entrepreneur for years and has finally made his big break. Corey was working on a metaverse long before popular media was, so I wanted to bring him on here so we could all discuss the Uplift Metaverse and the DAO.
Through his musicianship, Corey was first introduced to the world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). He was approached by a charity looking to make and sell musical NFTS; interested, Corey helped create the NFTs. They were a hit, and this fired up his entrepreneurial brain. He comes from a podcast background, and his podcast was interested in live streaming video games; they tried fortnight, but it did not stick, but then they tried Minecraft. They had guests come in, interview them, and live stream. That is when Correy learned he could make NFTs a land deed within the Minecraft server. Hence, the Uplift World Metaverse was born.
A metaverse is essentially the internet merged with virtual reality using augmented reality headsets. An NFT can involve artwork, but they are much deeper than that. You can own an NFT in the Uplift, which is the passport to the world; it gives you permanent building rights to that virtual land. Some cool things people are doing are NFT art galleries and iceboat races. Watch the video above to learn what I will build on top of my house in The Uplift. Join the Uplift now, and don’t be afraid to join the very helpful discord. As always, stay safe and we will see you next week.