Is the real estate market going to crash? This is a question that our guest, Alexa Rosario, hears daily since the market switched from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market.

If you want to hear her explain where the South Florida market is and where it is heading, watch our interview below.

Hi, I am Bette Hochberger CPA, CGMA, and on today’s Finance Friday, we are joined by the fabulous Alexa Rosario. Alexa has been in real estate since 2013 and is ridiculously passionate about helping people build their real estate empires. Her mission is to create a concierge level of experience for her clients that helps them reach not just their real estate goals but ALL of their goals.

Within the above video, Alexa and I discuss why it is important to differentiate between markets when talking about real estate. She puts a heavy emphasis on the fact that the real estate climate in one area does not necessarily reflect the whole. We had fun discussing where the new silicon valley might move during this Finance Friday. As you all know, I am team Florida, regardless of the fact that we may be running out of buildable land, as Alexa puts it.

Listen closely as Alexa explains how blue-collar workers may be pushed out due to the rising cost of living driven by the housing market and inflation, exemplifying how real estate is a reflection of inflation of other assets. The key takeaway from this Finance Friday is that Alexa believes this is just “the new normal” and that the market will not crash but instead will normalize. Please watch the video if you want to hear the exact inflation rates projected over the next few years and other fun facts.

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